2016 was a b*tch. For me, 2016 included depression, anxiety, a lost job, a painful move, and unfortunately, a heartbreak. 2016 would let me get back to my feet, just to throw me back down again – each time, with a new technique, a unique pain or stress, that I wasn’t prepared for. 2016 refused to maintain a stable baseline, instead, it came as in the waves of a stormy sea. 2016 rocked me to my core, constantly adding more pain to my plate just to see how much I could handle or if I would break.


2016 didn’t break me. All we can ask for on this earth is to constantly evolve, grow and become better versions of ourselves. Despite the pain that 2016 caused, I believed I did just that – grew. In 2016, I learned my resilience. I gained a peace of mind. I learned to trust the plan that the universe has, and most importantly, I learned to trust myself.


2016 was a trying year for me, for our society, for the world. 2016 was our assignment - it was our challenge. I chose to move toward 2017 both grateful for what I’ve learned in the passed year, and confident that the next year will hold great things.


Despite the difficulties of 2016, I believed it was a successful year, because it taught us to grow. We became stronger, as individuals, and as a whole.

Published by Celina Dawdy