Who here knew that I could draw? Raise your hands up, or at least I think I can draw. I hope so. Trust me, I am so not bragging about my drawings, because I know there are people out there who can do far better, but having drawn from a young age, its a form of comfort for me.

As some of you saw, I posted an Art for March 2017 the other day that already had this picture, but I figured that at the end of each month I would post the art that I deemed as "the best" for that month and create a post for it like I did with March's. I have more art that I don't always post on here, but they can be found on my DeviantART gallery, so please feel free to go check them out, just remember, no stealing, or I will report you.

If you're possibly interested in commissioning me, then please feel free to leave me a note on either here, DeviantART or on my Facebook page.

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