Some people think I'm weird while others understand it, but one of my goals for 2017 is to not eat meat on Mondays. So far it's actually going really great and is way easier than I thought. I've decided to do this not only in response to the recent climate change crisis, but also because it's better for your health. Eliminating meat from your diet just one day a week can help you lose weight and lower cholesterol, and does great things for our planet. I read a statistic that if every human didn't eat meat for one day a week their carbon footprint would go down because not as much meat would need to be produced. 

Saving the planet is great and is extremely important to me, but I'm mainly doing this for my health. Not being able to eat meat on Mondays has taught me to expand my horizons and try some vegetarian and even vegan dishes - all of which have been fabulous. I'm still maintaining a regular workout routine and haven't noticed a decline in my energy level, but that's due to replacing meat with wholesome food. I still get my protein whether it's from beans, nuts or vegetables, and I normally make whole grain pasta part of my dinner. 

The kicker is deciding what you are going to replace your meat with. Are you going to just use it as a day to indulge in cheese pizza, mozzarella sticks or macaroni and cheese? Because that wouldn't be effective. Try this. Replace that chicken on your salad with tofu. Instead of having spaghetti and meatballs, make some cooked spinach to go with your pasta. Snack on fresh fruit, veggies and nuts throughout the day. And finally, don't assume that the soup you are eating is meat-free. Check to make sure that it's not made with chicken or beef broth. 

So I challenge you...join me and start participating in meatless Mondays for 2017. It's really fun to try new recipes and to get outside of the norm of what you usually eat. If you decide to try it, let me know how it goes in the comments. Or, if you have a great meatless recipe please share - I'm always looking to try new things! 

That's is, I'm logging off. Time to finish my coffee and head to the gym on this gloomy Saturday morning. Have a great weekend everyone. Cheers! 

Published by Laura C.