First, t'was Kyle Korver. A shooter. Then Deron Williams. A playmaker. Now, it seems like Andrew Bogut, a well-rounded center, is headed to Cleveland after being traded by the Mavericks to the Sixers for Nerlens Noel. Wow, imagine if these guys were in their prime, these 3 additions are pretty solid contributors eh?! Key, in fact.

T'is like a Utah-Dallas connection of sorts! 

Anyway, LeBron James got more than what he bargained for. He not only got a playmaker, he also got a shooter and a class A center. Yep, the pressure is now even hotter for the Cavs to repeat. No excuses.

So much so that Kevin Durant is hurting -- and as usual with really no challengers in the East.

Still, come to think of it. If only for personnel, the team most capable of dislodging the Cavaliers is the Toronto Raptors. We're talking about the East, of course. Lowry. DeRozan. Carroll. Ibaka. Valanciunas. Here, Ibaka could be their missing link -- as they could now go small ball without much worry. Key for 'em though would be their ability to survive a 'protracted war' with the Cavs. One, two games would be fine, but seven?? Obviously, whoever has the better bench would win. And clearly, the Cavaliers have certainly built on its stock. So it's now up to the Raptors to fix their rotation.

Anyway, while D-Will's signing with the Cavs was no surprise especially with his links with Korver during their Utah days -- Andrew Bogut's case is interesting -- yeah, given his ideals. See, he's a pretty loyal guy. But after being dropped by the Mavs and especially the Warriors, it'd be understandable that he's looking for some kind of solace. A payback.

This makes a Warriors-Cavs finale even more interesting! KD. Bogut. Korver. Wonder how would these guys fare in the Finals? Nervous? Confused? And oh, how would they be received by the crowd? Not to forget Bogut's former team, the Golden State Warriors -- my, t'is like a Durant-Westbrook meeting! Nah? Alright, the next best thing. Hehe. But hey, guess the last laugh would be for NBA fans..

That is if either team fails to make it back to the Finals. Then again, don't forget the Spurs!

Say what you?

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