It’s over. The Warriors just bested the Cavs 118-113 for a 3-0 Finals' lead. And even if the Cavaliers win Game 4 -- it’s over! No team has ever come back from a 0-3 hole. Though the Cavs made history last year coming back from a 1-3 ditch, that was made possible by a momentum shifting turn of events -- as in Draymond Green got suspended; and so, the tide turned to Cleveland’s favor.

Can’t say “you’ll never know” unless one doesn’t understand what momentum means.

Though it’s still technically possible for the Cavaliers to come back from a 3-game deficit, they would need another momentum shift to make that happen. Pick and wish -- Draymond Green gets ejected at a critical stage in Game 4 then gets suspended for the next game. Stephen Curry or Kevin Durant gets badly injured. Of course, we’re not wishing anyone bad luck nor are we negatively instigating anyone -- but we’re just trying to show what a momentum shift is.

Speaking of injuries, one can’t also say that the injuries to Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love cost the Cavs the 2015 title against the Warriors. Hey, the Cavaliers’ best player was still there! Any team would continue to be competitive so long as their ‘best player’ is still there. See, injuries to Irving and Love were unlike the loss of San Antonio to Golden State in the recent West Finals where Kawhi Leonard, the Spurs’ best player, was not around. The Cavaliers' loss in 2015 was mainly tactical -- like, not trusting and utilizing the strengths of the players they still had.

One can’t say this year’s Golden State team is different from the previous teams they had with KD now in the fold. That’s only for those who couldn’t think deeper. Ey, San Antonio could have beaten Golden State if not for Kawhi’s injury -- and especially if Tony Parker was available! Seriously. While the Warriors now have KD, they lost key players to make room for him, too. Andrew Bogut. Festus Ezeli. Leandro Barbosa. Harrison Barnes. Their talents may not be as great as KD but each of these players are really good in their positions. Not to mention the chemistry they already had with the team. That’s why the bench is such an important factor in champion teams!

Besides, the Cavaliers also have a different and stronger team now with Deron Williams, Kyle Korver, Derrick Williams and Channing Frye. It's both teams that got better personnel now. See? So, can't even say KD was the reason why the Warriors won Game 3 when LeBron James in fact did not score in the last 4:28 of the game because of the Warriors' defense on him. After all, KD, Curry and Thompson took less than 20 shots each (55 total attempts) while James and Irving almost had 30 shots each (56 total attempts). This only shows that the Cavs are not trusting Love as much as the Warriors are trusting Thompson even before he got out of his slump.

We can not be biased if we really wish to see things clearly. As it is, whining can only be a signal to giving up. Because of that, there may not be a comeback after all.


Rumors has it that the Cavs would pursue Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul if they get swept or something like that. It’d be Melo for Kevin Love while trying to talk CP3 over. Melo for Love is possible especially since Phil Jackson has some beef with Anthony. But Chris Paul? Why? The Cavs got Kyrie Irving! And even Deron Williams.

Kyrie was already a star even before Steph Curry became recognized as one! So, rumors also of LeBron James trying to mold Kyrie into a superstar is a lot of nonsense. That’s something like finding an excuse for the Warriors trampling them. KD-Curry v James-Irving, that’s a match! It’s not like KD-Curry v James alone.

And so comes another rumor, that Kyrie Irving is hiding some injury. Wow! Just really looking for excuses. Okay, then don’t let him play anymore. Then again, the reason why Irving has been inconsistent is because of Klay Thompson’s defense. So, instead of the Cavs making excuses why not make Smith or Shumpert really shadow Steph Curry??

These are all simply tactical. And this is why ‘thinking’ coaches are real important! Otherwise, hire brilliant minds, like ‘em writers and analysts to help you out.

Say what you?

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