Andrew Bogut was in. Down. Then waived. While Bogut is a multifaceted player, perhaps he was just not the right guy for the Cavs -- especially from the 'loyalty' turmoil that has plagued the league this season. The KD-OKC issue was already a big one. And that's enough. Besides, not every fan wants to see 'bad blood' flow in a possible Golden State-Cleveland NBA Finals.


Yes, just, just recently the Cavaliers signed Larry Sanders to replace Bogut. Sanders may have been out of the NBA for the last 2 years and is rusty. But if you really got that talent, conditioning and timing would be back in no time! Hey, he could be the Cavs missing link! Cleveland are already filled with scorers and shooters, and they don't need another scoring big man (but only someone who could just finish off the rim) as it would only take away opportunities from other talented -- and open guys.

Now, adding Sanders is like adding a different kind of 'monster' to the group. With Sanders' athleticism and shot-blocking skills, opponents now have to really shoot better from the outside or have a real good system to beat the Cavaliers in a seven-game series.


Save for the noise created by Kevin Durant and his injury, the Warriors have been pretty silent these days -- including their dreaded perimeter shooting. Yeah, most notably the 'Splash Brothers'.

Incidentally, the Dallas Mavericks are just 2-3 games behind the Denver Nuggets for the final PlayOff spot in the Western Conference. And guess who's among those responsible for the Mavs' sudden rise? Steph's younger brother, Seth Curry.

After bouncing off several teams, Seth's stint with the Mavs could very well be the break that he's been waiting -- and working for. More than just the KD-Westbrook tussle that intrigues us yet would not likely happen in the PlayOffs -- seeing how the 'Blood Brothers' perform against each other would somehow give us a glimpse of how they really developed as players.

And t'is somethin' many aspiring cagers could learn from. Now, that's something positive!

Say what you?

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