Two of the hottest topics lately has involved teammates and good friends. Both of which you must have an idea of, yeah, regardless of the article's title. So, let's go..


Hmm... What did Green actually tell Durant that made basketball aficionados go gaga? Reports have it that Green was just trying to 'fire up' Durant who ended up just shooting 2 for 10 from the field -- then having 10 points, 9 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steal and 5 blocks -- in a 106-109 loss to the Sacramento Kings last Saturday, February 4.

Hey, KD might have had only 10 points but he had 5 blocks! Then again, KD who is known for his scoring prowess only attempted 10 times -- and that really tells a lot about his motivation that night. Was he bottled up by the defense? We don't think so. Was he just under-the-weather? That's something you gotta ask him since it was not reported.

Still, it's worthy to note though that whenever Klay Thompson attempts a lot more, Curry or Durant would have to attempt less. That's an obvious fact as all played just about the same number of minutes each. 

Our take is that there's no chemistry issues, t'was just the 'competitor' in Green that he went off on Durant. So, perhaps Draymond should just see the whole picture first before yellin' at Kevin.


What's funny here is when Frank Isola's report (that a league source says LeBron James is the one pressuring Cleveland to get Melo even it meant trading Love) was called 'trash' by James -- after the Cavs beat the Wizards 140-135 with Love scoring 39 points. Hehe.

Oh, one game changed everything? Interesting.

Anyway, is it worth trading for Anthony? Okay, while both are good competitors, neither are good defenders. Now as we discussed in our previous article, Anthony is an all-around scorer while Love is simply a stretch-4. So that's a point for Anthony. Love is a better rebounder than Anthony; and that's one point for Love. More so, Love is younger than Anthony which gives Love another point. However, youth is not always a good barometer in sports. Just take a look at Greg Oden, Brandon Roy, and a lot more! 

It's health. Thus, the key here would be to pick the one who is more disciplined and less fragile.

Say what you?

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