As we are now several days removed from the 2017 Finals, the dust seems to have settled and most fans are now starting to focus on free agency rather than the upcoming draft. That’s how impactful the inevitable victory of Golden State was as it echoed throughout the basketball world.

Meanwhile, some aficionados as well as LeBron diehards try to patch his legacy with his Finals’ performance. After all, LeBron averaged a triple-double in these 5 games against the Warriors. So, was this his best series in his PlayOff career?

Well, many fans and observers (??) would argue that Cleveland’s comeback last year from a 3-1 deficit against the Golden State Warriors was LeBron’s defining moment.

Then again, if one takes a closer look, those postseason series he played since 2011 were not that great. Hold your horses LBJ fans, we're not trying to upset anyone but if we really want to understand the truth, we got to examine things more carefully and without prejudice. See, whether it’s coming back from a 1-3 hole or averaging a triple-double, those games or series were simply tainted. 2016, Cleveland’s comeback was actually propelled by a momentum shift on Green’s suspension. 2017, Cleveland lost, so what’s the use of a triple-double average then? Just something, like, to save face.

Okay, let's go through it all to be more fair and clear. 2011, LeBron choked, the Mavs won. 2012, the Heat won against a young and nervous OKC squad. This was a legitimate victory for LeBron though. 2013, the Heat just got saved by Allen's corner three -- with momentum then shifting to the Heat come Game 7. 2014, LeBron scampered after getting embarrassed by the Spurs. 2015, tho Irving and Love were injured, the Cavs' best player was still there -- and playing against 'first-timers' (!!) in the Warriors! So, see?? 

Anyhow, LeBron’s latest media fail only confirmed these all the more.

Surely, you have heard of this LeBron line recently -- “I’ve never played for a super team” -- which was then rightfully corrected by Draymond Green, “You started it, bro.” And then Draymond even referring to both the Cavs and Warriors players’ own draft positioning to see who’s actually the super team -- which somehow makes sense. Anyway since 2011, LeBron has been part of ‘Big 3s’ -- both in Miami and Cleveland. So, aren’t those super teams? In fact, so super it was that LeBron even boasted of ‘not winning only one or two or three championships’ but all the way to like 7 or 8 championships for the Miami Heat. See? Can’t fault the Celtics’ Big 3 to have started this trend as they were already in their 30s when Garnett, Pierce and Allen played together. Nor could you finger-point at the Lakers when they got Karl Malone and Gary Payton even before the Celtics had their Big 3 -- because again, Malone and Payton were already elder statesmen. Just like when Shaq played with LeBron in Cleveland. But James, Wade and Bosh -- they were still in their 20s when they joined forces! Got the point?

Then, what was LeBron’s greatest PlayOff series?

2007. East Finals. Cleveland v Detroit. This was when LeBron carried a rag-tag Cavaliers team against an accomplished Detroit Pistons en route to his first Finals appearance.

See, forming a super team is okay if you don’t leave your team -- as in you (being the foundation) are the one waiting on the guys to come over. Having a super team is even better if you got your pieces right from the draft -- like how Golden State and Oklahoma got their talents. Or how Jordan and the Bulls got Pippen, Kukoc and Rodman, and how Magic and Bird got theirs, too. It’s like inbred. And that is so much more admirable than whining and looking for other stars to somewhat hide on.

Say what you?

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