It's the All-Star break guys, and while we enjoy it, did you notice the Top 3 candidate's for this season's MVP? James Harden. Russell Westbrook. Kevin Durant. Hey, they used to be teammates at the Oklahoma City Thunder! Coincidence? Nah. Just good.

Now, as we know, only Westbrook remains. The Beard was taken by the Houston Rockets while KD opted to sign with the Golden State Warriors. No hard feelings between Harden and Oklahoma, he didn't leave the team on his own volition; but as for Durant, the water's been boiling -- and whether they admit it or not, it could 'explode' anytime soon. Well, they seemed okay during the All-Star game though.

Yet frankly, who cares? It's just something many writers are trying to gain readership from. T'is basketball not show business -- can't go on a protracted 'intrigue' for this story line! See, more than the Westbrook-Durant tussle, this should instead be the people of Oklahoma City v Durant drama.

Anyway, if only these guys stuck together, could you imagine how lethal OKC could have been? Not to mention, Serge Ibaka who is now with the Toronto Raptors. Wow! They could have won multiple titles. Then again, who knows if they could have only won one?


First, when Harden used to be with the Thunder, he was their sixth man. So, could he have developed or shown as brightly as he has now with the Rockets? For one, he needs the ball a lot more in his hands to be effective; but with Westbrook and Durant say coming in mid-second quarter or any part of the game to join him, he wouldn't really be able to do what he does best.


Think about it. It's really 'em talented players who consistently showed their skills that made the NBA what it is today -- not who have you. Whoever non-player you could think of only commercialized 'em. 

See. During the Magic-Bird rivalry, we saw a lot of showmanship and teamwork what with the talent of these two legends. By the mid-80's, Jordan along with Drexler, Wilkins and the rest of these highflyers excited the fans with their acrobatics. And so, from teamwork, one-on-one skills became important. Then came the big men's turn to shine. Olajuwon. Ewing. Robinson. Teams then have shifted their focus on acquiring talented centers to be their team's foundation. And so on.

Today, it's been 'small ball'. Reason. Golden State Warriors. They win with speed and shooting.

And so comes the thought. OKC could only put the Warriors on the edge what with the talents of Westbrook and Durant, but OKC probably won't be able to get past them even with Harden on the fold. And you know why. Harden needs the ball more. Plus it's a shooters game now.

What OKC needs, what every team needs to win.. is to 'invest' in real good shooters.

Say what you?

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