Well, perhaps every San Antonio Spurs fan would feel disappointed with LaMarcus Aldridge after his poor performance in their recent battle with the Golden State Warriors in the West Finals. Of course. Not only is he handsomely paid but he was expected to take over the scoring since Kawhi Leonard got injured.

But what happened? He seemed tentative and scared. Like he’s hiding away from plays. And if ever he got the ball, he’d rather shoot jumpers than do post moves. Of course, shooting jumpers is part of Aldridge’s game but you can’t just keep shooting ‘em outside unless it’s your only weapon.

Aldridge could post up. And with the lineup that Golden State had, he along with Pau Gasol could have punished the Warriors down low. We all know this. Surely, Pop and the rest of the Spurs knows this. Didn’t Aldridge notice this scenario?

At the very least, we’re sure someone reminded him of posting up more often.

But why didn’t Aldridge do so? If he fails to score, he could at least get fouled one way or another, so? His shying away from the ‘limelight’ only shows that he can not really be a top dog -- and the only reason why he was successful in Portland was because he had Damian Lilliard, a legitimate scoring threat that could feed him. Now with Tony Parker -- and Kawhi Leonard out -- no one could continuously create those situations since Manu is older now. Mills is more of a shooter. Murray is still developing. And Simmons -- as promising as he is -- is not that agile.

With that, should the Spurs trade LaMarcus Aldridge?

Disgusted fans would understandably say ‘yes’ but for some aficionados they would say ‘no’. At least not right now since his stock is at an all-time low. That’s a gimme. But at some point, that question would pop again even when Aldridge starts playing well again. Because if the Spurs won’t trade him, it would still be the regular season by then, right? So come PlayOffs, the question would be -- would Aldridge finally show up this time?

We say ‘yes’ -- if there’s a creator on the team. Thus, all the Spurs would initially need is luck. No serious injuries -- with Parker still the same. But is that possible? Then, just sign a prolific point guard for a year or two while preparing Dejounte Murray for the lead role -- and yes, try to get Jahlil Okafor to replace one of the bigs. He's good and at the age bracket of Murray that they could form a new 'Big 3' for the Spurs with Kawhi.


Again, the Cleveland Cavaliers got buried by the Golden State Warriors, 132-113, for a 2-0 lead. This once again confirms that the Cavs only made the Finals and would keep doing so because the East is just a weak conference. See and looking carefully, at least 5 Western teams -- Golden State, San Antonio, Houston, LA and Memphis -- could in fact beat the Cavaliers for the title.

Of course, we understand that the Cavs came back from a 3-1 hole in last year’s Finals. But that was just brought about by momentum when Draymond Green got suspended for Game 5. Anyway, the series is not yet over, so let’s see if there would be a comeback or a sweep this time around.

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