Obviously, it’s tough to select this season’s awardees since many have had an impressive year. This is why a lot of fans are asking and even teammates complaining -- how does the NBA actually choose the awardees? Yet for this article, let’s get into our why instead of their how.

There are those who say Paul George is the biggest snob in this year’s awardees. But hey, his Indiana Pacers (42-40) barely made it to the PlayOffs! Then again, why did Chicago’s Jimmy Butler (41-41) make the All-NBA Third Team? So guess those who are most concerned about this issue are not just fans but those seeking the services of George.

Still, if only for team success, the biggest snob is not even Klay Thompson. Yes, even if Golden State got the best record at 67-15. Why? While Klay has had a great season, he’s just like the third or even fourth wheel of the Warriors -- meaning, the team could still clinch the top or second seed without him simply because of Steph Curry and Kevin Durant plus Draymond Green.

Then what about Kyrie Irving? His Cleveland Cavaliers is 51-31 while John Wall’s Washington Wizards is just 49-33? Okay, wait. Wall carried his team while Kyrie worked in tandem with LeBron James in establishing the Cavs. What about Curry, Durant and Green making the selection at the same time? Well, the player’s position has a lot to do with this -- and then their comparative value to others with consideration to their team’s success. So. There you go.

Who then is (or are) the biggest snob(s) for this season’s awards?

First. Gordon Hayward. Instead of Jimmy Butler, the committee should have included Hayward in the list; after all, his Utah Jazz finished with a 51-31 record with Hayward leading the way to the team’s highest finish since the 2009-2010 season.

Second. Chris Paul. Hey, didn’t the LA Clippers finish the season with a 51-31 record in a tough Western Conference as well? So, it should have been Paul (who towed the Clippers especially in the absence of Blake Griffin) instead of John Wall in the All-NBA.

Be reminded that the awarding is and should be about the regular season -- not the players’ PlayOff performance. So, don’t really mix anything about the PlayOffs with the regular season, such has an awarding of its own.

Say what you?

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