After 3 games in the semis, foreboding identical records now seem to be staring at the protagonists -- and NBA observers can’t help but notice. Hey, only the Cavs and the Warriors have yet to lose in the PlayOffs -- and they’re clearly on the way to sweeping their semifinal series!

And so, let’s check out their challengers.

EAST: BOS leads WAS  2-1

Regardless of their 19 threes in Game 1, Boston basically has a lineup that could only chase 3 point shooters, see, they don’t really have real 3 point shooters per se but only relies heavily on Isaiah Thomas’ play. If they are to face the Cavs in the Conference Finals, they would just be run to the ground trying to cover Cleveland’s 3 point shooters while sending Thomas huffing and puffing in trying to score and spoon-feed them as well, unless..

Should Washington make the East Finals, their physicality would be a plus factor. Pure shooters, whether from Cleveland or any other team, are naturally ‘soft’. Meaning, they won’t be able to keep making their shots if you put a body on them. It simply alters their rhythm. Question is, do the Wizards have the character to keep pounding -- especially when down against the Cavs?

WEST: SAS leads HOU 2-1

When Parker went down, what the Spurs would really miss is his know-how of the system. The scoring is just a bonus since they got Mills who could score in a bundle. This makes Ginobili even more important -- either making plays or scoring as Green also needs to guard the opposition's scorers. Should the Spurs face the Warriors in the West Finals, they’d need all the smarts they could get from their veterans to slow down the Warriors’ engine.

Do the Rockets actually play like the Warriors? In some ways, they do. They like to run up and down the court a lot -- and they got reliable shooters who shoots a ton of threes! If they were to face the Warriors, a shootout between KD-Curry-Thompson and Harden-Gordon-Williams could be expected. Question is, could Iguodala slow down Harden, or maybe it’s Beverley who might slow down Curry? Well, let’s wait and see.

Key for Cleveland and Golden State: Controlling the boards -- for second shots and fast breaks.

Say what you?

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