Two post NBA Finals’ events has just flew by -- Draft Day and the NBA Awards -- and talks of Paul George’s next team might have already reached its peak without anything really happening. Of course, Indiana is looking for the best possible deal for its prized forward.. 

Problem is that interested teams may not really have the assets to interest Indiana. More so, do teams really know what they are doing? Like why are they trading for George, what kind of team do they want -- and does George himself even know where he could really contribute and be valued?

Since the Lakers is the preferred destination of Paul George, it's but logical for them to make that move in acquiring the star forward -- Now. Not wait for next summer but NOW. They can not be complacent even if George is dead set on signing up with them come 2018. For one, anything can happen in a year's rental. And two, even with promising youngsters in Ball, Ingram, Randle, Nance, Zubac and Clarkson -- they need that leader to stabilize the team.

While Magic ordained Lonzo Ball as their leader, he won't be able to be that leader yet. As in now. They need someone, a star who has experienced the rough and tumble of the PlayOffs. One with proven character. And unless Magic personally knows Ball -- both in skills and character -- only then could he and Hollywood really bet on Ball to be their leader.

Thus, the only way they could have a glimpse of Ball's skill and character is through the upcoming Summer League. But this is just a 'glimpse' since everybody also knows it's just a 'summer league' -- and not the real thing.

Still, the Lakers should be prepared to lay down their assets in this deal. They should be ready to trade their pieces. They should have a plan on what kind of team they want to build -- not a team that mirrors the Golden State Warriors but a team according to their roster and available free agents. See, imitating others is like not living your own life. In this case, your own potential.

You can't just gather all the shooters and make them run like the Warriors. That's not the formula to beat Golden State. Basketball has certain skill levels -- and the Warriors already have the best shooters any team could have, so how could the gathering of Level 8 shooters beat a team of Level 10 shooters??

Then again, this fact should give teams much hope. Basketball is a team sport. And the Golden State Warriors did not win simply because they got the best shooters but because they had a plan. They play team ball. They play defense. And most of all, they accepted their roles.


If George goes to Cleveland, could he accept just being the third wheel behind LeBron and Kyrie? Would he just be content to being a spot-up shooter then being asked to play hard-nosed defense without losing enthusiasm?

Just like Bosh and Love who were the stars of their original teams, George is also the star of his team in Indiana -- thus, he's used to being the first option. This was why Love failed in Cleveland. And this was also why Bosh had words to say when LeBron left Miami after all the sacrifices he has made just to make the Big 3 work out. Now, is George ready to sacrifice his being if ever he plays for the Cavs?

The case of KD is different. Golden State took him not to be the third option. See?

If LA can't take him now then Boston could be a better fit for George more than any other contender. Horford does not shoot the ball that much, so George only has Thomas to share the ball with -- and surely Isaiah Thomas and the Celtics understands the talent of George just like how Stephen Curry and the Warriors understood what KD would bring to the table when they acquired him.


Have you heard that Carmelo Anthony could be open for a buyout? If the Knicks rids of Melo in this manner, it only shows that they really don't have a clear plan. No wonder Porzingis skipped the exit interview! Hey, they get nothing if they just get into a buyout! Why not just agree in a Melo-for-Love deal with the Cavs then? At least they would get something back.

While Paul George has to worry about his 'being' if he plays alongside LeBron, that's not the case with Melo and even D-Wade. After all, they have been long time friends which means there would not be any feeling of being a third wheel or something like that. In fact, they could even be good for their team's chemistry.

Well, free agency is fast approaching -- and with how Golden State dominated the competition, we might see more super teams come next season.

Say what you?

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