Oh, there is after all a 'boring' phase in the NBA. We just don't really talk about it. However, since especially star players are resting more often nowadays -- many could, in fact, feel the drag. And that's after about 65 games. Yup, when just about the only things to be determined are the last one or two PlayOff spots for each conference; and, and the awaiting of injured players to be back with their respective teams -- especially 'em contenders.

Until then, this stretch is all but just positioning.. And practice. As of this writing, they each still got about 10, 12 games left with the Heat losing to the Raptors (84-101) while the Mavs leading against the Clippers (96-95).


While focus has been on Denver and Portland for the final PlayOff spot in the West, Dallas actually still has a slim chance of making it. But that would depend on them winning more games while both Denver and Portland losing more games, too. Yep, nothing to blame but their slow start.

Then again, who would you rather see go up against the Golden State Warriors? Portland, well in reality, they only got Damian Lillard as McCollum has been real unsteady as of late. Dallas, hmm, Dirk is a sentimental favorite, same goes with Seth Curry whom we also want to see play against his big brother Stephen. But like Portland's McCollum, Barnes and Matthews are just about ready to go fishin'. Oh, guess they're already fishin'!

So, Denver would be the logical choice here. And surprisingly, since they got Mason Plumlee things have changed for 'em Nuggets. Yes, despite missing their star player Danilo Gallinari.


In the eastern side of things, not surprisingly so but it's a close fight between the Miami Heat, the Chicago Bulls and the Detroit Pistons. And so in this landscape, who would you actually want to see the Cleveland Cavaliers face in the first round?

Without Dwyane Wade in either a Heat or a Bulls uniform, it would be a walk in the park for the Cavs. As for the Pistons, Reggie Jackson has just lost it. Yet for their sake, hope not completely though. So, how about the Bucks instead? Hehe. Okay, surely that can not be because of the standings. Then let's just forget the East.. And wait for the second round.


Frankly, most fans only care about the return of 3 players. Kevin Durant. Larry Sanders. Kyle Lowry. Or members of teams that are expected to contend.  The rest, well, just rest -- and prepare for next season! Oh, it's really been boring, whatta stretch?! How 'bout fishin'??

Say what you?

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