Draft day is at hand -- and free agency? It’s just around the corner! Anyhow, we just had a couple of deals in place. One, the Lakers' Russell and Mozgov was dealt to Brooklyn in exchange for Lopez and the 27th overall draft pick. While the Hawks' Howard was traded to the Hornets for Plumlee, Belinelli and the 31st overall pick.

Meanwhile, Paul George and Jimmy Butler has the market buzzing as everyone, more than ever, are trying to build their own super teams. But what is a super team, anyway?

Since LeBron’s statement that he has never played for a super team, many has even made videos (yeah, not just write ups) just to explain their take on a super team -- and some even ridiculously riding on LeBron’s statement that we started to think if they were paid to do so; or were just simply LeBron’s diehard fans coming to the rescue?

One video even said that a team with just 3 All-Stars is not a super team as in the 2011-2014 Miami Heat. And that teams that are overly stacked like today's Warriors is what a super team is. That is because without LeBron, Miami loses; while even without Kevin Durant, the Dubs still won as in their 13-0 run in the recent regular season.

And then it continued by upholding the 2015 Atlanta Hawks which ended as the top seed but got swept by LeBron’s Cavaliers squad -- like saying, that’s how mighty a LeBron-led team is. That if LeBron plays well, the team does well; if not, the team loses. Then finally ending the argument in that LeBron is the system. That everything runs through him.

That's silly. They just don’t know what they’re talking about.

ONE. 3 All-Stars with a reliable bench is enough to be called a super team. Miami did not only have James, Wade and Bosh in their prime -- they also had among others Chalmers, Battier, Lewis, Anderson, Miller, Cole and most of all, Ray Allen who incidentally was also an All-Star (regardless if being past his prime) since his primary weapon was his shooting which he could still do so very efficiently.

Golden State’s super team was basically inbred, or developed. Curry was drafted. Same goes with Thompson, Green, Barnes and Ezeli. See? This one alone should already wake up many fans and pundits as to what we’re all really talking about. While Bogut, Lee, Barbosa, Livingston, and Iguodala were signed up -- with 3 of them being former All-Stars -- they are not on the level of big-name players like James, Wade, Bosh, Irving and Love.

Yes. In fact, Irving was already famous even before Curry became recognized as a star!

TWO. You can’t just praise the Atlanta Hawks for being the top seed in 2015 if only to point out that they got swept by the Cavs’ Big 3. Who did the Hawks have anyway? Horford? Millsap? They are All-Stars but they are not on the level of the Cavs’ Big 3. See, the last weeks of a regular season is about positioning. Just like what happened when the Boston Celtics secured the top seed this season, for all we know, the Cavs just probably tanked to avoid the Washington Wizards.

THREE. LeBron is the system, his teams live and die by him. Exactly! This is why he feels like he never played for a super team because his teams, his coaches (even referees) are scared of him. They forgot that they got equally capable All-Stars in their Big 3. They forgot to use their bench. In fact, they don’t trust their bench -- even their All-Star players. See? Kevin Love just shrinks in crucial moments because he doesn’t have the confidence anymore. Miami and Cleveland almost don’t have any play but just to give the ball to LeBron and let him decide. The timeouts are like basically for taking a breather and letting LeBron do the talking with the coach just approving.

Golden State? Not only did they develop their All-Stars but they have a system. Fast-paced team ball. Or small ball. And those who are open are given the confidence to shoot. This is why even if one player goes down, they could still win games -- because everybody understands their role. Of course, any team can not afford to lose their best player and remain competitive. Still, while KD is the Warriors best player, they had to give up most of their reliables just to get him.

Bogut, Lee, Barnes, Ezeli, Speights and Barbosa are better than what they have now.

Anyway, if being stacked or having more than 3 All-Stars (whether past or present) is the basis of a super team, then even Derrick Rose is right! The New York Knicks is a super team. They got Melo, Noah, Rose and Porzingis who should also be an All-Star. In the end, there are many teams with more than just 3 All-Stars (yes, past ones included) but because of a poor system, they fail.

Say what you?

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