After 30 games or so into the 2016-2017 NBA season, we are seeing a handful of strong showings from several of the team's youthful marquee players. While some are having a breakout season, most are simply building on what they have started in recent past.

And so, here are our 'first-timer' candidates for the All-Star Game.

KEMBA WALKER. Charlotte Hornets. After a couple of key players leaving the team in Al Jefferson and Jeremy Lin, Walker has generally carried the load for the Hornets -- where it could actually finish in the Top Four of the Eastern Conference.

The only question though is could they get past the second round? Ask his teammates.

KRISTAPS PORZINGIS. New York Knicks. He's got skills. He's got length. And even some athleticism. But could he shoot his way to his first All-Star Game?

Certainly. If not, write a letter. That would put you in. Remember, Damian Lillard? Hehe.

Anyway, more than being 'liked' by the coaches which (as professionals) must not really be one's ticket to the All-Star Game -- it's the team's record that should be put into consideration unless the player is still a rookie. Nope, one's team doesn't necessarily have to rule its division. It only has to show that its contending for a PlayOff spot before any player, for that matter, should be considered for the All-Star Game.

GORDON HAYWARD. Utah Jazz. We actually used to think that Hayward is just some lanky, at times lucky, franchise player for the Jazz. But hey, he's never lacking in skills -- more so, he's a competitor! And with the development of their team, look at where the Jazz is right now!

And so as they say, "there's always room for a good man."


Who would you rather see in the All-Star Game -- LA Clippers' DeAndre Jordan or J.J. Redick?

Say what you?

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