Trading is done for now. And with most of the big names remaining in their teams except for Sacramento superstar DeMarcus Cousins who changed address to New Orleans -- and yes for a, hmm, 'reasonable' price -- could this be the signal to a shift in style? 

SAC DeMarcus Cousins, Omri Casspi NOP Tyreke Evans, Buddy Hield, Langston Galloway, 1st and 2nd Round Draft Picks

Right now, we all know it's been 'small ball' for the last couple of years, thanks to the Golden State Warriors.. But with a big acquisition such as Cousins, his obvious combination with Anthony Davis would give the Pelicans the most lethal 4 and 5 starters going into the future.

Still, consider these names. Clippers' Griffin and Jordan. Cavs' Love and Thompson. Spurs' Aldridge and Gasol. Hey, there are only a handful of such combination! And San Antonio's pair even has only a couple of years left in their tank! So, hehe, let's just squelch the game shift notion for now.

It's still gonna be 'small ball'.

After all, New Orleans got beaten by Houston -- Big Time -- last Thursday, 99-129! On 20 threes! Wow! And incidentally, Houston's new acquisition, guard Lou Williams, led the way with 27 points. Yeah, just as much as Cousins produced but with no help save for Anthony Davis with 29 points and Omri Casspi with 12.

Then again, unless the Pelicans have someone like a J.J. Redick then they could be something like the Clippers. Weeell, they got Casspi but it seems they didn't even understand his value as unfortunately, the Pelicans even waived him after he suffered a thumb injury. Why not seldom-used Hollis Thompson instead, or one of their 2 centers who are just collecting DNPs? Poor decision. So, who do they have now?? Yes, they got a good Chris Paul matchup in Jrue Holiday but then..

In the end, a fine-tuning of their system should be the Pelicans' main order. And with that, the biggest beneficiary of the trade deadline is their conqueror -- the Houston Rockets. The talented Lou Williams is just so adept to playing sixth man that the Rockets could afford a rare 'Holiday' by James Harden who only had 13 points that night.

Say what you?

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