So my Uncle bought me a massive not well known backpack (Eclipse outdoor survival), for when I go travelling as I don’t really like suitcases, I always wear a basic capsule wardrobe when travelling as I like to be comfortable and I don’t really do dressing up and the colour is mainly blacks, greys and whites. 

I would recommend to take a thin scarf or a bandanna if it does get cold and please take a hat!! (You can also use the bandanna as a wash cloth too I have) I am fair skin/hair and when I went to Barcelona with college I didn’t have a hat and on the second day my lecturers went and bought me a one as I spent the whole day being sick, now I pack a hat or even wear it while on the train/plane/coach. Take sunglasses and if you need reading glasses take them too, I wear my reading glasses if my eyes are tired and sore and trust me it makes your life easier 

Normally I will always wear hiking boots when going travelling and wear a jumper and my rain jacket to save space, I never take a towel as if I’m going to see family they will have them and if I’m in a hotel I’ll just use their ones, my backpack personally for me is always heavy because of my camera gear I am a photographer so I need a bag that can fit a tripod, a full DSLR camera in there as well as extra lenses, a Go-pro, sd card reader, sd cards, chargers and my laptop plus charger to edit them.

Toiletries and Makeup it can depend I’m happy to go out with or without makeup and I do normally just wear as little as possible too, I have travel size brushes in a small pouch where I have added spare kriby grips and bobbles, as well as the smallest tangle teezer you can get. I use reusable pots for Shampoo, Conditioner, body wash and I have a fold able toothbrush and travel size toothpaste, travel size deodorant and I have a makeup remover cloth so that saves space as well, I also have a small shower poof thing that is easy enough to fit in a pocket. Of course we all know as girls mother nature can come calling even when we don’t want her too, so we all need to take some female items with us just in case. 

Now I take a travel Hairdryer and straighteners with me, they are small enough to fit in and it sounds weird but I take a plug extension lead with me If I need to charger my iPhone, camera and laptop at the same time, they don’t take up that much space either. I do take baby wipes to wipe stuff down and I take hand sanitiser, headache pills and some plasters with me in a small first aid bag with tweezers and nail clippers and file.

Now I know about the wonderful things as packing cubes, however I don’t use them, when me and my Mum went on holiday we used them and out suitcase was far to heavy with them, so I have never used them again as in my own personally opinion they are just to heavy. I do take a notebook and pen with me and I will either take my kindle or an actual book for reading on the journey. 

I took a book to read when I went to visit my other Uncle who lives on the Isles of Scilly, trust me I needed it Edinburgh to Penzance on the train is 10 hours long and as a smoker I couldn’t believe how I had managed 10 hours without a smoke. Of course I had to stay the night in a hotel as my ferry across was the next day and that is when I found out I do indeed get sea sick :’( worst 2 hours of my life haha.

I also take a small washing line and a spork, I know there are for camping, but the washing line helps with drying my makeup cloth and shower poof, and the spork helped with the pot noodles I took to eat in the hotel as when I arrived it was after 10pm and I had a 5am wake up call so pot noodle it was haha. I also take a smaller foldable bag with me and a refillable water bottle.

But yeah the only reason why I am writing this all out is because I am planing on going on some trips this year and I want to test me bag out and I am going back to see my Uncle again and I have to admit I took far to much stuff last time so I am going to see if I can get it to be a bit smaller this time. 

I have work tomorrow where I will found out my shifts for next week so at some point when I am off, I will do a test pack and see if it all fits in and how heavy it is, and I will add photos next time too. 

Published by Ameliarose Newman