Democracy is said to be one of the best things that have happened to man. With democracy, the society becomes a ship steered by whoever is chosen. Indeed, the “government of the people, by the people and for the people” has come to stay in Nigeria. Never again will the peoples' mandate be drowned by the booming of guns. It us two decades of uninterrupted democratic experience in Nigeria. However, the fruit of democracy remains a dream for the common man. From the return of democracy to the ‘7-Point Agenda’ to the ‘transformation agenda’ down to the ‘change’ project, democracy has become a fruitless goody to most Nigerians. Only a select few enjoy the fruits of democracy. It is a story known to all, Nigerians would go out in mass, in few months time, to elect their President. The incumbent has emerged as his party's candidate while the People's Democratic Party has the former Vice President as its candidate. The new breeds are also determined to test their popularity come 2019. However, like they say, how tomorrow would be is determined by the day preceding it. Events unfolding in the Nigerian political scene are received with mixed reaction. There is tension and hopes are high. Between these divides though, a lived experience must emerge. It is obvious that a reasonable number of Nigerians are dissatisfied with the present administration. The high level nepotism perpetuated by the presidency infuriated so many and since there is no greater threat to national building than ethnic and parochial consciousness, which the presidency promotes in an infuriating courageous manner, it has to go! The General, hitherto perceived as a man of integrity, has been degraded. His house is home to corruption, confusion and dramas. So the PDP gave us Atiku! A man whose former boss recently endorsed despite all he wrote about him in “My Watch”. Atiku's past is known to Nigerians, and that is his biggest obstacle to Aso Rock. Is 2019 elections going to be free and fair? Buhari's intolerance of opposition brought about this question. Someone has even boasted that if Atiku wins, Buhari would not handover to him. Well, time will tell! The good thing, however, is that Buhari's administration has brought about increased political participation. And come 2019, nothing would stand against the will of the people. However, all things being equal, Nigerians are to choose the better devil!

Published by Adeyemi A. Adeola