Thursday, February 13, 1958   Vol. C659



East Farewell – Extreme cold and a very wet snow caused and massive power outage in town on Monday night. Not only were most of the businesses and homes in the east end of town in the dark but the main power station that fed the entire East Farewell Transit Company was also shut down. The station not only lost power but also suffered massive transformer shots due to the heavy wet snow bringing down the lines and shorting them out. The power outage stranded transit vehicles across the system with many travelers on cars left in the dark and cold. Many riders left the cars and walked along the snow covered streets to their destinations. Luckily, the cars were located along main streets in town and many of the riders were locals and knew their way around. No injuries and missing people were reported. The EFTC maintenance crew was on site very quickly and after completely shutting down the system they were able to carefully clear the snow off the cables, restring the wires, repair the generators and start the system back up again. The entire process took almost eight hours.

            “We were lucky that the maintenance crew didn’t run into any strange problems and they were able to repair and regenerate the system in a very reasonable amount of time. They worked diligently throughout the night and they were able to get the system running before the early morning rush hour. I am very proud of the work that they did and I am sure they are, too,” said EFTC Director Sam Nelson in a news conference on Wednesday morning.

            This is the first outage that the Transit System has suffered since it opened almost two years ago. The system has been a reliable mode of transportation for an estimated 5000 people a week and this minor inconvenience is not likely to change their habits.

Trolley makes a turn in the snow



East Farewell – The Cougars came home to a welcoming crowd on Friday afternoon hoping to repeat their early season success against the Riverview Wildcats. After their disappointing loss in Corning they were trying to regain their momentum and get back in the league race. The Wildcats came into town looking for revenge and the game was a battle from the start.

            The tip-off was an indication of the intensity both teams had. When Cougars replacement center, James Hawkins tipped the ball to forward Don Tasker, Wildcat forward Ben Miller tried to jump in for a steal but ran into Tasker hard and knocked him to the floor, causing the first of many fouls at exactly 15:48 in the first half. Tasker was not hurt but the lingering absence of senior center Dave McGill did hurt the team. Hawkins played a very respectable game and has gotten better with each start but his 6’3” stature just isn’t the same as McGill’s commanding 6’5” tower. Coach Wilson said McGill will be back in the lineup next week but this game was when he was really needed. The Wildcats center, Gerald Mancuso, stood 6’4” and has played the position for three of his four years on the team. Hawkins tried valiantly but Mancuso was just too much for him. Hawkins eventually was to foul out at a critical time in the game. With only two minutes left and the Cougars leading by 2 Hawkins banged Mancuso as Mancuso was turning to shoot and that was the end for Hawkins. Mancuso made one of the foul shots but the Cougars missed their shot and the Mancuso was able to grab the rebound without too much trouble, feed a streaking Barney Fuller down the side who took the ball down to the corner where Cougar, Fergal Conner caught up to him and forced him to shoot an awkward shot but Mancuso was able to rebound it and put it up over both Tasker and Joey Mitchell and sink the winning shot for 50-49 Wildcats win.

            “It was too bad we lost Hawk when we did but we should have not been in that position to begin with. That Mancuso kid is just tremendous. I think if we had Davey in there Mancuso would have been kept in check, but Davey was still hurting and Mancuso got the better of Hawk. Davey will be back next week for sure so I think things will pick up for us,” said Coach Wilson after the game.

            The Cougars stay at home next week to host the Slate Mountain Canaries. The Cougars hope that the return of Dave McGill will turn their fortunes around. The game will be on Friday afternoon at 4:30PM in the gymnasium.



Upstate New York from Albany to Buffalo gets hit with its biggest snowstorm since 1925. Drifts up to 15 feet blocked some highways. Hundreds of persons are stranded with at least 10 deaths reported.

In a recent Gallup Poll, Senator John Kennedy would win if the election were being held this week with Kennedy at 49% and Nixon at 38%.

A German rocket scientist, held by the Russians for the past 13 years says the Russians aren’t kidding when they say they have intercontinental ballistic missiles. Peter Lertes was one of the scientists returned to West Germany with nine colleagues who were finally allowed out after the 13-year period.

General Motors engineers demonstrate a car steered by an electrical cable beneath a concrete surface. To turn off the road or to pass another vehicle, a switch was thrown to put the car back into manual. “We think of it as the first building block in what may become a more sophisticated system for controlling vehicle spacing, detecting location of cars of giving the driver signals for throttle and brake control.”

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