Thursday, February 14, 1957   Vol. C607



East Farewell – Due to overwhelming response to the Annual Valentine’s Day Dance the location has been moved to the High School Gymnasium. It seems the turnout has almost doubled from last year. The word seems to be out about the wonderful event and the truly fun experience of the local dance that started out as a small neighborhood dinner dance.  This year will be the eighth dance but it did not get out of the neighborhood until four years ago when it took over the basement of the City Hall and some interesting traditions were started. The first time outside organized music was brought in, before it was local musicians from the neighborhood and not very organized, sort of a jamboree of songs that people could dance to. Also introduced two years ago was the “Pie-in-the-face” winner celebration where all the contestants smash a cake or pie into the face of the contests winner. After starting as a bit of bad sportsmanship the hilarious stunt has been worked into the schedule of events during the dance. More importantly the dance itself has grown into a wonderful event that many people have a terrific time dancing, eating and socializing during one of the coldest and isolating times of the year.

            This year along with all the enticing food there will be first class entertainment. Gus Templeton and his Swing Band will do the Master of Ceremonies tasks, provide their usual top notch musical entertainment and introduce the other bands. This year’s roster includes the Dalmatians, a doo-wop group, the always popular Al Jackson and his Blues Band and a new rock and roll band Danny C and his C-notes. Ida Plant will defend her Homemade Sweet Treat Crown and is ready for a winning face plant if she wins again.

 “It is all in good fun and it is worth it, I think it is quite an honor and this year I am making an extra ten so everyone will be able to have some,” Ida said. She did not reveal what it was making but it is strongly expected to be her last year winner, Chocolate Cheesecake with strawberry glaze, but there will be a number of tough competitors. This will be very exciting. 

The “First Dance” 1956



East Farewell – The Cougars faced off against the Wildcats on Friday night for what may have been a preview of the playoff for the league championship. The game was sold out early and the crowd was evenly divided and very enthusiastic. From the first tip to the last seconds the game lived up to the press reports.  The Cougars came out with their new look, the fast break, high energy, strong press game that they introduced two weeks ago and have obviously been practicing. The passing was crisper and the ball movement was much more focused. Wilson Watson in the center was able to direct the forwards and distribute the ball very effectively. On the Wildcats side, their offense was tight and efficient. They have not gone 12 and 1 without working the floor and forcing the other teams to make mistakes. Both teams were on top of their game and the score and momentum went back and forth as often as the ball possession.

            The game started fast and both teams went on shooting streaks that marveled every spectator no matter who they were supporting. The Cougars came out and shot 12 for 12 and were matched by the Wildcats who shot 10 for 10, missed one (to the bemusement of the crowd) then went on to shot 5 for 5. The shooting and scoring was spread out evenly on both sides with all players scoring. As the first half ended the Cougars jumped out to an almost unbelievable five point lead with the help of an inside score by Watson followed by a foul by Wildcats center Frank Haskert. At the start of the second half the Wildcats made up the deficit and more pulling into the lead by three with a sort of repay by Haskert on Watson. Neither team was able to break away and the score see-sawed throughout the third and fourth quarter. With only twenty seconds left and the score tied the Cougars called a timeout. When they came back they set up in a very tight in bounds formation. When Bobby Cox slapped the ball everyone broke to right and back except Watson who stood his ground. He had Haskert behind him and he charged forward to get the inbounds pass from Cox. Haskert was covering him like an overcoat but Watson was able to get the ball and dish it off to a darting Fox who took one dribble a laid the ball up. He was a little too far out and the ball rolled around the rim and fell to the left. Luckily, for the Cougars Watson had broken free and raced down toward the basket. He was able to grab the rebound over Wildcats guard Ernie Disanto and toss it back in for the score with only three seconds left. The Wildcats tried a long, last ditch half court shot by Disanto that hit the rim and bounce away as time elapsed. The Cougars were able to prevail in this one, 50-48. The way Cougar fans rushed the court one would have thought they had won the championship but that honor will have to wait. The win only put the Cougars in a tie with the Wildcats for the league lead. There are still five games to play so things could go in a number ways. The Cougars go on the road next week to meet the Slate Mountain Canaries. The game begins at 4:00PM in the Slate Mountain High School Gymnasium.



President Eisenhower flies back to Washington, cutting short his Georgia golf and hunting vacation to grapple with the U.N.-Israel impasse. Earlier, Secretary of State Dulles told a press conference the Gulf of Aqaba is an international waterway and Egypt has no right to block passage of ships President Eisenhower appeal to the American people over the heads of Congressional leaders of both parties to support the United Nations and “‘exert pressure” on Israel to withdraw from the Gulf of Aqaba and the Gaza Strip. Israel says it has rejected President Eisenhower’s appeal to withdraw immediately behind the armistice lines, but says it will leave the door open or negotiations.


Playwright Arthur Miller is indicted on contempt of Congress charges for refusing to identify fellow writers with whom he attended Communist party meetings in 1957. His attorney said Miller’s refusal to name names was based “on grounds of conscience.” Miller is married to Marilyn Monroe.


In the city of Moscow, there’s only one car salesperson to handle all auto orders. More than 100,000 Muscovites are competing for this year’s supply of 12,000 cars. Outside the salesroom at No. 21 Bakunin St., the sidewalk and doorway is constantly jammed with roughly dressed men in fur hats awaiting their turn to get inside.  The lowest priced Russian auto - the Moskvich - costs about $3000 - more than the average worker here earns in a year. The car buyer must plunk down cash in advance even before he can be placed on the waiting list. When a Russian finally saves enough to pay for a car, he tells the auto people about it and is assigned a number designating his place in the waiting line. Then, the prospective auto owner must make periodic visits to the salesroom and check the bulletin board to see which numbers have been called. When his number comes up, he pays for the car and then settles down to wait four, five or six or as much as 10 months for the more popular makes. The director of the store says the demands for auto is so great, he could easily sell 100,000. The shortage is due to exports, as Russian autos are also sold in Finland, the Scandinavian countries, Iran, Turkey and Eastern Europe.


Process servers awaken Frank Sinatra at 4AM to hand him a subpoena to appear before the state Legislative committee. Sinatra will be asked at a hearing in February to tell what he knows about a “raid” Joe DiMaggio was attempting to stage on Marilyn Monroe November 5, 1954 in which private detectives wound up in the wrong apartment.


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