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East Farewell – The weather was too cold and the streets were still icy but the Valentine’s Day Social got everyone out and about on Saturday night. No foul weather or dangerous ice was going to stop East Farewellers from attending the Dinner-Dance Social. This was the tenth annual dating back to 1948 but it has not always had the amazing popularity it enjoys now. The first four were held in local homes and were more a dinner than a dinner dance social. In 1952 the committee decided to hold it in a hall for the first time due to the surging interest and attendance. In 1952 the first Valentine’s Day Dinner and Social was held in the basement of St. Charles Church and for the first time dancing was introduced and live music was played. The success of that event set the tone from then on. Each year the attendance grew, the dinner fare became more elaborate and the music became a show in itself. By 1956 the Social (as it was called by then) had moved to the bigger and more centrally located Regional High Gymnasium and famous bandleader, Gus Templeton, took over as Master of Ceremonies and he was instrumental in introducing new bands and types of music to the event. But probably the most anticipated part of the event has been the Homemade Sweet Treats Competition. It began in 1952 and has been growing in entries and exotic entries every year. This year there were more than 30 entries. This year they included cakes, pies, cobblers, an ice cream cake and several concoctions that can only be described as brownie a-la-mode dishes. Also this year ice cream played a bigger part of some entries despite the cold weather. Past winners all brought entries that reflected their past victories and new comers were a little more adventurous using fruit and jellies to try and win over the judges. The judges were all the attendees’ who were able to sample each entry after dinner. The voting took place and after a long dance session the winner was announced. This year the winner was two time champion, Peg O’Malley. Her semi-sweet four layer cake was a familiar treat to most. She has supplied the Bakery on Main with some on occasion throughout the year. There have been reports of people rushing to the bakery to purchase one once the word leaked that they were available. Last year’s winner, Sylvia Bass tried again with her simple cherry cobbler and longtime entrant and previous winner, Ida Plant, entered a luscious brownie a-la-mode that was a surprise to many, she usually entered multi-layer cakes. Fran Carvel tried again with her ice cream cake that has been gaining popularity all across the region. Following Gus Templeton’s announcement Peg took the notorious ‘winner’s walk’ down the center aisle where at the end all the other contestants plastered her with one of her cakes. The messy and crazy tradition goes back to the early days of the completion. Coincidentally, Peg was the first one to get a cake in the face. Back in 1952 she won and while she was walking up to accept the prize she stumbled and fell on her own cake. For years rumors circulated that a disgruntled loser actually tripped her but she has long denied that. Nevertheless, the tradition was born and continues to this day. It is all in good fun and the winner takes the smashing with grace and humor. Peg has grown used to it, she has won three times.

            The food for the dinner this year was a change from the past two years. The menu was pork chops donated by the local meat packing company, L. Myers & Sons, paired with hand mashed potatoes and green beans. Charles Wenz, owner of the Lost Oasis Restaurant & Bar, served helped out by his very capable staff. He also supplied the beverages, beer, wine and during the cocktail hour before, hard liquor. The desert was, obviously the all the Sweet Treats. Everyone enjoyed the dinner.

            After dinner Gus took the stage and his swing band started with the unofficial theme of the social, Memories are Made of These. He then went into a wonderful selection of very popular dance tunes and everyone took the floor. Later Gus shared the stage with introducing several local talents. This year he showcased the rising star and local crooner, Michael Tiller, country favorite Charlie Green, bluesman Al Jackson and the high school group the Rebels who played some of the new sound, rock and roll. The variety of music was well received by the crowd. The final number was an all hands on stage for a giant sing along of Goodnight Irene.

            The evening went late into the night and things finally settled down around 1:00AM. The crowd bundled up and headed out to the cold with smiles on their faces. There was much talk about next year and not much talk about the cold.

1959 Winner Peg O’Malley with cake in the face



Riverview – The Cougars came in to Riverview hoping to shake off the bad performance from last week. They worked hard all week on getting their basics tightened up and their teamwork back together. All the work helped bring the team back together and they played a strong game but the Riverview Wildcats were just a little better. The Wildcats came out on top, 50-49. The game was tight and the Cougars did take a 6 point lead at one point but the Wildcats battled back and then went on their own run to go up by eight. The Cougars worked hard and tightened up their defense and came back to tie with five minutes left. Both teams were sharp and did not make many mistakes. The Cougars Hawkins was going one for one with Wildcats center, Tony Falco and the rest of the Cougars “Big Three” (Tasker and Mitchell) were able to clear the center. Wildcats forward, Davey Dimero fouled out with one minute left and it looked like the Cougars had a chance to grab the lead. Wildcats replacement, Andy Bettruci, turned out to be very good and did not let the Cougars capitalize on the replacement.

            The game came down to thirty seconds left and the Cougars had the ball and a one point lead. Fox was trying to kill the clock but Wildcats guard, Vince Di Angelo, tied him up and he had to pass it off to Mackenzie. Mack got the ball but was immediately wrapped up by Falco. Mackenzie spun past Falco and headed for the basket. Dimero stepped in front of Mackenzie and forced him to stop short and try to pass off to Tasker but the pass was intercepted by a backtracking Falco who was able to toss it down the court to a streaking Di Angelo who drove unimpeded to the basket for a layup as the buzzer sounded. The Wildcats won, 50-49.

            “That was a heartbreaker. Those kids really played their best and came up short. They don’t have anything to hang their heads about,” said Coach Wilson after the game, “I’m going to talk to them and let them know how proud I am of them. They grew a lot tonight. They just didn’t score enough points.”

            The Cougars come back home for a home stand of three games. Next week they take on the Slate Mountain Canaries. They were able to win the previous meeting fairly handily but the Canaries have strung together a two game winning streak. The game begins at 4:00PM in the Regional High Gym.



WINS, New York does a tribute to Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and J.P. Richardson on the Paul Sherman show. Many other top-40 stations did the same.

Ampex demonstrates a self-contained traveling (cruiser) unit that can videotape any type of location footage. Demonstration was at the Hollywood Desilu studios. The cruiser consists of a bus equipped with two camera chains, a videotape recorder, a monitor and switching setup, camera mounts on the roof. Cost is $185,000.

Sen. John F. Kennedy (D-Mass) will be the guest on CBS-TV’s “Face the Nation” this week. Kennedy, mentioned as a possible candidate for the Democratic nomination in 1960, makes his second appearance on recent months on the program. The program is moderated by Stuart Novins.

Dancing etiquette for teenagers... from a teenage column, a girl writes in that her high school puts on a lot of dances during the school year. She asks that after dancing with a boy – is it proper for the girl to thank the boy or, should the boy thank the girl for the dance? Is it proper for both to say thank you? ... Answer: After a boy and girl dance, the boy should always escort the girl back to her friends or to where she was sitting and thank her for the dance. The girl should say, “I enjoyed it too,” “That was fun” or “Thank you” with the accent on YOU.

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