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East Farewell – Gus Templeton opened the ninth annual Valentine’s Day Social and Dance on Saturday night with a question, “Who is going home lonely tonight?”

            The sold out crowd that covered the Regional High Gymnasium floor answered with a resounding, “No one!”

            With that Templeton turned to his famous swing band and struck up the popular hit, Memories are Made of These. The tune has become a sort of theme song for the event, having been the lead off tune for the last three years. Templeton served a Master of Ceremonies and not only introduced the other great bands on the schedule but also oversaw the now famous and highly anticipated Homemade Sweet Treat Competition. The menu this year was similar to last year, fried chicken and mashed potatoes with green beans and was again supplied by the Lost Oasis Restaurant and Bar. They also supplied the wine and beer and for the first time owner, Charles Wenz, set up a bar that served hard alcohol drinks.  The bands on the roster were well known to the crowd. There was the always popular Al Jackson and his Blues Band lit the place up after dinner with hits like “Tutti-frutti” and lots of others. Slowing things down were the Doo-Wop group, the Dalmatians, with their now classic, “Only You”

Gus took the microphone after the Dalmatians beautiful set and announced the winner of the Homemade Sweet Treats Competition. This year’s winner was long time entrant, Sylvia Bass with a surprisingly simple cherry cobbler. Perhaps the judges were too full from all the samples and decided on the lighter fare.  Every year since the inaugural social the Sweet Treat Competition has been a highlight of the event. Everyone was able to sample each treat that ranged from the light and fruity to rich and decadent. This year the defending champion, Peg O’Malley, tried to continue her reign by entering her now famous Extra Dark and Rich Chocolate Layer Cake. This four layer devil’s food cake covered with semi-sweet frosting has been making townsfolk swoon and loosen their belts since it was introduced last year. Peg has been supplying the Bakery on Main with a limited number offered for sale. It has become a bit of a social whisper when she brings her shipment in the bakery, the cake don’t last long once the sign goes up they are available. The word spreads quickly and people have been seen actually running to get in line outside the store. Along with Peg’s cake there were lots of favorites, Ida Plant, long time champ, tried a new angle this year with a very light and airy key lime meringue pie and Sylvia Bass, this year’s champ, followed Ida’s lead with her cheery cobbler. There were more entries this year than ever before, there were chocolate cheesecakes, strawberry glazed upside-down cakes, rich chocolate mousse pies and even an ice cream cake entered by a new town resident, Fran Carvel.

Following in the quirky tradition that has taken almost mythical status, Sylvia walked down the center aisle and was “plastered” with her own pies by other members of the competition. The tradition dates back to 1952 when Peg O’Malley was the second winner of the contest and while walking up to the stage she tripped and fell face first into her own cake. It was rumored that a disgruntled loser actually tripped her but she has denied that and has taken responsibility for the mishap. In the following years all the contestants have gotten together and collectively smashed a cake in the winners face after the winner was announced.

            There were no lonely hearts in East Farewell this Valentine’s Day, at least not at the Social and Dance. The party went on until well after 11:00PM and people will be talking about it weeks. This has become one of the most anticipated events on the town’s calendar, for good reason. Don’t miss next year.

Slow dance at the 1958 Valentine’s Day Social



East Farewell – The Cougars center, Dave McGill, returned to action on Friday and immediately made an impact by scoring a game high of 21 points in the Cougars sure handed win over the Slate Mountain Canaries, 46-36. The Cougars were able to break their two game losing streak and regain some court composure as they never trailed in the game. Things looked tough for the Canaries from the start. The Cougars took the opening tip off and went on a 10 point unanswered run. The Canaries were able to pull close at the end of the first half but could only close to a 24-26. In the second half McGill took over and started to shake off some of the rust that had settled in doing his recovery. He was able to score 16 of his 21 points and grab 8 of his 13 rebounds. He was able completely control the center and dominate both offensive and defensive boards. “We are very happy to get Davey back, not that Hawk was bad or anything, he was great, but Davey is better and has so much more experience. He showed tonight that he is back and is fine to play,” said Coach Wilson after the game.

            For the Canaries, their top scorer was their excellent guard, Frankie Leon with 19 points, followed by forward William Flack with 10. This win for the Cougars was a turnaround from the game earlier in the season in which the Cougars looked much weaker. They lost that game 40-48. This game showed the Cougars have really grown and with a complete squad they can play with any team in the league.

            Next week the Cougars have a revisit by the Riverview Wildcats. They played the Wildcats just a week ago but due to weather schedule changes they are playing them again after only two weeks. These teams should be very familiar with each other so a good, tight game is expected. The game will begin Friday night at 7:00PM in the Regional High School Gym.   



New York mayor Robert Wagner bars 10-year-old Eddie Hodges, current cast member of Broadway’s “Music Man, from appearing on the Perry Como TV show this week. The decision was based on a recommendation by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (SPCC). They said Hodges was already working a matinee and evening performances for the Broadway show. Hodges would have made $750 for the 15-minute appearance.

French Actress Brigitte Bardot is resting in Northern Italy after a nervous breakdown. French and Italian newspapers reported she took an overdose of sleeping pills two days ago in a suicide attempt.

Paramount sells its entire library of pre-1948 films to television for $50 million.

Folksingers are making a comeback. Some of the more popular ones are Theodore Bikel, Josh White, Cynthia Gooding, Susan Reed, Oscar Brand, Bob Gibson, Richard Dyer-Bennett and Pete Seeger. Jac Holzman, head of Elektra Records, reports that his folk discs have been doubling annually. Elektra has Theodore Bikel, Susan Reed and Josh White.

Still banned in many places, this week, singer Paul Robeson (60) performs at the Oakland (CA) Auditorium. Robeson has made a number of appearances in California churches recently, but big halls will not book him.

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