Thursday, February 21, 1957   Vol. C608



East Farewell – The Eighth Annual Valentine’s Day Dinner Dance was held last Saturday night in the Regional High School Gym and the turnout was the biggest to date by far. It seems the word has been spread far and wide about the great music and terrific food as well as the outrageous Homemade Sweet Treat Competition. This year’s defending champion, Ida Plant, entered her trademark Chocolate Cheesecake with Strawberry Glaze. Other entries were Peg O’Malley and her Super Double Chocolate Cake and Sue Underwood with her Special Select Cherry Pie. This year there were a total of seventeen entries in the completion and every entrant made at least ten of their entries. Everyone was able to sample the entries and at the end of the night everyone voted for their favorite.

            Along with the sweet treats there was a sumptuous dinner that was supplied by the Lost Oasis restaurant and bar that featured deep fried chicken and mashed potatoes with green beans and a tossed salad. Of course there was beer and wine supplied by the bar. To accommodate the huge crowd the food was severed buffet style and there was family seating at 25 picnic tables surrounding the dance floor. The dancing started off with Gus Templeton’s Swing Band playing the all time favorite, Memories Are Made of These. His catalog has all of the favorites and the crowd was more than willing to get up and dance to all of the fantastic music. Also on the bill was the fabulous Al Jackson and his Blues Band who kept the joint jumping with a spirited version of “Tutti-Frutti” and also the new Elvis Presley hit, “Too Much”.  Also on the card was the Doo-Wop Group, the Dalmatians who put everyone the mood with their rendition of “Only You”. Gus Templeton did the MC chores and was the ringmaster if you will when the announcements were made for the winner of the Homemade Sweet Treat, 1957. This year after a couple of years as a runner up Peg O’Malley regained the trophy for her new entry, Extra Dark and Rich Chocolate Layer Cake, a four layer devils food temptation covered with thick semi-sweet frosting, very dangerous but oh so delicious.  In keeping with tradition, weird as it is, Peg was smashed in the face with one of her cakes by the other contestants in a loving, humorous and a bit absurd way. The tradition started way back in 1952 when Peg was the second winner of the contest and while walking up to the stage she tripped and fell face first into her own cake. It was rumored that a disgruntled loser actually tripped her but she has denied that and has taken responsibility for the mishap. In the following years all the contestants have gotten together and collectively smashed a cake in the winners face after the winner was announced.

            This year’s dinner dance was a big success and everyone had a wonderful time eating and dancing the night away. The huge crowd is a sure sign that this event will continue for a long, long time. It is fabulous fun in the middle of the coldest part of the winter. People were able to get out and shake off some of the cabin fever.

Dancers shake it up at the 1957 Dinner Dance



Slate Mountain – The Cougars were still basking in their recent win over Riverview when the stepped on the court in Slate Mountain on Friday afternoon. The Canaries have not had the best season sitting at .500 (5-5) for the season. They are a young team with four out of five starter being sophomores. They don’t let their inexperience dampen their spirit, though and played a very strong first half. The Cougars were just too good for them and were able to put the Canaries away without too much trouble, 48-34. The Canaries had no answer to Cougars center, Wilson Watson, who had the game high score of 24 with 15 rebounds. The Canaries had to rely on outside shooting by guard, Billy Holder, to try and keep them in the game. He scored 16 points in the losing effort. The Cougars turn right around next week and face the Riverview Wildcats again, this time in Riverview and once again is probably a preview of the league championship game. The game begins in Riverview High’s gym at 7:00PM on Friday night.



Six Arab nations call on the U.N. Assembly to urge action on Israel for failing to withdraw from Egypt and to give her economic, military and financial sanctions.

On a shortwave broadcast, marking the 15th anniversary of the Voice of America, President Eisenhower assures nations of the Middle East that they “can count on our help” if the United Nations cannot protect them against international Communism and they ask American assistance.

The government’s cost-of-living index rises to a new record high last month for the fifth month in a row, recording a .2% rise between December and January.

One manufacturer says garters are back! “Everybody from brides to broads are wearing them. Women no longer use them to hold their stockings up as they once did. The girdle does that. But garters make a woman feel glamorous… give her a lift... bring out the siren in her. A woman wears garters for the same reason she wears a plunging neckline.”

Thousands of teenagers storm the Paramount Theater for another Alan Freed rock ‘n’ roll show. They smashed glass, danced barefoot in the aisles and their screams drowned out the music. The event featured the WINS DJ’s latest rock movie, plus stage show.

Thousands of teenagers storm the Paramount Theater for another Alan Freed rock ‘n’ roll show. They smashed glass, danced barefoot in the aisles and their screams drowned out the music. The event featured the WINS DJ’s latest rock movie, plus stage show.


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