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East Farewell – Late on Monday night the East Farewell Fire Department responded to house on fire on Lake Street Dive. The house was the residence of Harry Turnbull. The fire was roaring by the time the Fire Department arrived and it took almost three quarters of an hour to bring under control. The freezing temperatures hindered the department’s attempts to bring the fire under control. Luckily for the owner and the department the water lines did not freeze. The home was an original home built in East Farewell as a summer home for the Mighty Keystone Railroad top executive, Charles Comstock, about 1904. Comstock passed away in 1929 and the property was sold several times before Turnbull purchased it just five years ago. It had been turned into a year round residence many years ago and Turnbull had done extensive renovations after he bought it. Turnbull was in the house with his wife, Marie, and their five children, Harry Jr. (16), Sara (13), David (10), Sam (7) and little Hope (4). All were able to get out safely and no one was injured. The Turnbull family has taken up temporary residence in Mrs. Mallard’s boarding house only three doors down and across the street. “Mrs. Mallard was so very generous.  She immediately offered her home to us as soon as she saw the devastation to ours,” said a tearful Marie Turnbull on the Mallard porch, “We are so thankful. She has always been the greatest neighbor and tonight she once again showed she is one of the most wonderful people in the world.”

            The Turnbull home was not a complete loss but it suffered extensive damage to the second and third floor. “We believe the fire originated in the walls after a fault in the electric system caused a spark,” said Fire Captain, Joe White. “We were able to get a handle on this fire fairly quickly in spite of the difficult climate we had to deal with. I think we were able to save the house but it is going to need a great deal of repair.”

            “We are absolutely going to rebuild,” said Mr. Turnbull from the Mallard porch, “East Farewell is our home. The kids all were born here and they attend the local schools. All our friends are here. This is our home. We will be starting as soon as possible.”

            Thanks to the fast and efficient work by the East Farewell Fire Department this possible disaster was averted. Given the sever temperatures it is another tribute to the professional procedures by the Fire Department. The Turnbulls and the entire Lakeshore Drive community are very thankful.

Turnbull house on fire



East Farewell – The Cougars played their first home game in three weeks and they enjoyed themselves as did the fans. They took on the Slate Mountain Canaries and prevailed fairly handily, 46-36. The Cougars have been struggling lately having played their last three games on the road against the top teams in the league they lost two out of three and have slipped into the middle of the standings in the league. Friday’s game was a turnaround for the Cougars coming off a heartbreaking loss to Riverview, they were able to play a well-organized offense and show off their impressive ‘Big Three’ defense of Hawkins, Tasker and Mitchell. The front three commanded the center and only allowed the Canaries 8 points from inside the lane. Hawkins closed down the driving lanes and Tasker and Mitchell forced the Canaries outside where they had to rely on their guards, Ben Gold and Sam Moore to put up some offense. Together they accounted for most of the Canaries points (14 and 10 respectively).

            The game started out with the Cougars taking a 12-4 lead and the Canaries spent the rest of the half trying to catch up. They finally got close with 1 minute left in the half when they drew with 1 point at 24-23. That is how the half ended and in the second half they came out fast tying the game briefly at 26 apiece. That turned out to be their high point though. The Cougars inside reestablished their control and took over the game. Hawkins ended the game with the high score of 18 followed by Tasker with 12.  The score would have probably been more lopsided but Coach Wilson pulled Hawkins and Tasker out with three minutes left. The subs, Ferguson and O’Shea played admirably and showed a lot of pose on the court.

            The Cougars stay home next week as they host their arch rivals Riverview in a turnaround game. They just played them last week at Riverview and lost by one point. The Cougars are hoping for a lift from the home town fans and are looking for a little revenge. The game is a Saturday game and begins at 1:00PM in the Regional High gym.




The FBI seizes 51 bags of heroin, worth an estimated $500,000 from a Capital Airlines Viscount plane in New York. Someone phoned and said a bomb was on board. Passengers were then taken to the terminal building and asked to reclaim their baggage. The airline operates on the theory that no bomber would reclaim a piece of baggage, which later might be opened to expose an internal device. All the baggage was reclaimed except one piece of luggage. An airline reservations clerk thought he recalled that the suitcase had been checked in by one of the passengers but the passenger twice denied it was his.

British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan agrees with Premier Khrushchev to begin work on an Anglo-Soviet cultural treaty and appeals to the Russians to “combine our peace” with the British.

Donna Ludwig (16) the girl in Ritchie Valens’ hit record, reflects on her 2 ½-year friendship with the rock and roll singer from suburban Pacoima. She recalled that she and Valens went steady as 10th graders at San Fernando High School and said her namesake song came about from a phone conversation they had last September, when she chided him about writing that promised song for her. “While we were talking, right there on the telephone, he wrote the words to ‘Donna’ and he read them to me. He called me the next night and sang the song to me, and played the guitar. It was wonderful. I didn’t believe it was going to be recorded”

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