Thursday, February 28, 1957   Vol. C609



East Farewell – Sometimes even the bitter cold temperatures and a surrounding of almost a foot of snow can keep die hard grillers from lighting up the grill. That was the case this week when about ten enthusiastic grill masters set up shop on Lakefront Plaza on Saturday afternoon to hold a makeshift grill-off and not only feed but entertain a large crowd of friends, relatives and passersby who sat around the plaza acting as if what a summer afternoon and ignoring the 30 degree temperatures. They brought beach chairs and set up tables around the grills. Everyone moved from grill to grill and chatted with each other. The grillers served up a varied assortment of delicious foods from special treatment hamburgers and hot dogs to succulent spare ribs and grilled chicken. The hamburgers were hand rubbed with a dry rub that griller Amos Delray said came from New Orleans and the hot dogs Delray was grilling were served with a spicy chili that was a favorite. There were two different grillers offering chicken, one Ralph Cox, was “specializing” in wings and legs in a very hot sauce and David O’Hara who was creating something he called “beer-butt” chicken where he placed a full chicken on top of an open can of beer and basically roasted the chicken on extremely hot coals.

            The event was totally impromptu brought together by Delray and O’Hara who are neighbors and have been grilling for years. “We were talking last week and after the great fun we had at the dance, we wanted to try to keep up the good feelings, so we thought of this,” said Delray while waving smoke away from his grill, “I have to be honest, we had a couple of beers before the whole idea came together.”

            “A couple,” laughed O’Hara from his grill, “Yea, a couple of couples.”

            Most of the attendees were families and friends of Delray, O’Hara or Cox but once the grills were hot and the different dishes were cooking a lot of people out for a Saturday walk or shopping on Main Street were drawn to the wonderful smells of barb-b-que and wandered over. The grillers and friends were very happy to share and the event went on well into the evening and as the sun set the grillers opened up the grilles and the night was illuminated with the hot coals and made an enchanting scene on the plaza.

Amos Delray, his wife Alma and David O’Hara manning the grill



Riverview- The Wildcats hosted the Cougars on Friday and after the previous game two weeks ago the stakes were high for both teams. The Cougars squeaked out a win in that game and the Wildcats were looking for revenge and a chance to return to the top of the league standings. Whenever these two teams have played this year, three times so far, the mood has been electric and the crowd has been rowdy. This game was no exception. The crowd was loud but evenly divided. There was constant cheering on both sides and the fans held up an amazing assortment of banners, some very creative. While extremely loud the crowd was also fairly well behaved, only one spectator had to be removed for jumping onto the court. He strenuously objected saying he was pushed but was escorted out never the less.

            The game itself was very physical, it seems these teams have gotten to dislike each other more and more as the season has gone on. There were more fouls in this game than the other three combined. The referees and coaches did a very good job in keeping the boys under control. The centers, Wilson Watson for the Cougars and Frank Haskert for the Wildcats took up where they left off two weeks ago and battled each other the entire game both ending with four fouls and coincidentally both with 12 points. Haskert was able to grab 15 rebounds where Watson was only able to reign in 10 and both had double figure assists, 12 for Haskert and 15 for Wilson. As the centers battled under the basket the back court was equally as fierce. The Cougars guards, Fox and Conner, worked the ball masterfully and were able to throw up a tight net press that slowed down the Wildcats back court, Disanto and Fuller, but not enough to keep them from scoring 24 points together (Disanto had 14 and Fuller had 10). Fox and Conner combined for 30 points together, Fox with 18 and Conner with 12.

            The last game came down to the last seconds and this game was amazingly similar. Both teams played tight, smart, tough and disciplined basketball and the score changed hands 14 times. When the last minute started on the clock the score stood at 52-52 with the ball in the Cougars hands. Fox in bounded to Conner and the Wildcats immediately pounced with a double team but Conner was able to get the ball back to Fox who was able to move it up court to Reilly who turned and looked for Watson. Watson was tied up with Haskert and Reilly put the ball on the floor. He dribbled into the corner and shot it back to a cutting Fox. Reilly made a beautiful bounce pass to Fox who drove to the basket. At the last second Haskert untangled himself from Watson and slid over into Fox’s path. Fox went up, so did Haskert. Haskert was able to stretch his entire 6’2” frame and knock the ball off course, bouncing it off the backboard and into the waiting arms of Disanto who made a bullet pass out to a dashing Fuller who was already at half court. Fuller, who was one of the fastest players on the court, drove down the court and laid the ball up and in with 2 seconds left. Time expired as Fox made a last second full court shot that fell far short. The Wildcats were able to seal a hard fought win, 54-52 and set up an almost inevitable playoff between the Cougars and the Wildcats at the end of the season. There are still three games to play in season for both teams so nothing is final, yet. The Cougars travel to Fort Lee next week and then they visit Southport finally ending up at home against the Slate Mountain Miners. They have a winning record against all those teams. Next week’s game starts on Friday afternoon at 4:00PM at the Fort Lee gymnasium.



The White House says that Senator Joseph McCarthy (R-Wis.) is the only member of Congress President that Mrs. Eisenhower did not invite to one of their formal dinners and receptions this year. The Senator says he is amused by the snub.


The White House says President Eisenhower is considering a trip to a warm, dry climate - possibly Tucson - in an effort to get rid of his lingering cough. The President has had a persistent cough for several weeks. It has been hanging on since he caught a cold watching the inaugural parade last January 21 at the start of his second term.


Sultan Mohammed V gives Vice-President Nixon an enthusiastic welcome in Rabat, Morocco. Nixon arrived on the first leg of his tour of Africa to the cheers of thousands of Moroccans and shortly thereafter met the ruler of the newly independent country.


In Birmingham - dozens of angry white men, frustrated in efforts to bar a Negro minister and his wife from a white waiting room at a railroad station, attacked a white man who sat beside them. Said Lamar Weaver, a white steelworker - “I left either kill me or cause bodily harm.” He was fined $25 for sitting next to the Negroes, but told reporters he was leaving for Washington where he said he would appear before the House Civil Rights Subcommittee.


Baseball announcer Dizzy Dean - known for is “dees and dems” on television - says Los Angeles will have a major league baseball team next year. Dean says the time is certainly ripe for the Dodgers to move west, and if Brooklyn doesn’t make it, someone else will. And if the Dodgers do make it to Los Angeles, according to the superstar pitcher “... it will be no time before they will outdraw the New York Yankees.”



Published by JD Carroll