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East Farewell- The first glimpse of the 1958 East Farewell Flower show was revealed at the pre-show press announcement at the Town Hall on Wednesday afternoon. This year’s show will run from Friday March 7th thru Monday March 17th. It will be held in a huge temporary tent erected on the Fairgrounds as it was last year. Donna Silverman is once again leading the committee that organizes the show. Last year she won great praise from everyone for bringing back the near defunct event to an exciting, stunning and beautiful conclusion last year. This year even more florists have signed up, some from as far away as Philadelphia, Cleveland and even one from Buffalo. Along with the fifty-two returning florists or floral related vendors 15 new participants have signed up this year. “It is just breathtaking, all the excitement, the ambitious plans and the wonderful people, I just love it all,” proclaimed Miss Silverman during the press event.

            This year’s show will again be a judged event with prizes given out in several categories, best display, best bloom, most original and most majestic. On the fun side there will be other awards given out for more unusual categories, they will include happiest spring sense, funniest, most fragrant and weirdest. There will also be a grand prize winner.  The awards are mostly ribbons and plaques but the advertising, recognition and just plain old bragging rights make up some of the most coveted awards. The Awards Ceremony will take place on Sunday night, March 16th beginning at 7:30PM. This year the show will open on Monday, March 17th, for half a day for a new, novel event, the Big Sell-Off. Miss Silverman suggested to the vendors that they open one last day after the “official” closing and sell off their displays and arrangements. The suggestion was met with a surprising amount of acceptance. “The sell-off will help the vendors clear out their displays making cleanup easier for them and letting a lot of folks in town get some beautiful plants and flowers to help brighten up their homes.” said Miss Silverman when explaining the Sell-Off.

            Several florists had pictures or drawings of their proposed displays to show off some examples of what everyone should be looking forward to. All the displays were stunning and whetted everyone’s appetite for the show.

A view from 1957 Flower Show



East Farewell – The Riverview Wildcats came into Regional High Gymnasium on Friday night as the league leading team and left the same way, only they were battered and bruised. The Wildcats and the Cougars played a knockdown, drag out grudge match that went down to the last seconds and ended with the Wildcats prevailing, 56-55. The Cougars were hoping to move into second place with a win and the Wildcats were trying to extend their lead in the league standings. The teams played just two weeks ago with the Wildcats prevailing by one point. Friday’s night game was almost a repeat but it was a much rougher game. A grand total of 22 fouls were handed out which was a new, dubious league record. The previous record of 19 was set way back in 1952 but neither of these two teams was involved. “This was not our best game, I spoke to Coach Reynolds (Wildcats Coach) and he feels the same way. This was not our best game. The kids got too worked up and they were just banging each other around out there. I don’t like that and I am going to have a talk with those boys. I am glad they did not let the other team push them around and I am glad they fought hard trying to win but there was just to much contact out there tonight,” said Cougars coach Wilson.

            The tone was set in the first five minutes when Cougars center, Dave McGill tried to post up against Wildcats center, Lou Alonso, but Alonso backed into McGill and both ended up trying to muscle the other out of the lane. It ended up with a foul on McGill but that was only the beginning. The ballet for the center lane went on throughout the game and did not end when McGill fouled out in the last four minutes of the game. McGill was replaced by James Hawkins, who has had a lot of experience, came in and with one minute Alonso picked up his fifth foul trying to push Hawkins around. Apparently, Alonso thought Hawkins not used to playing. He was very wrong, Hawkins played with an attitude that could only be gained from real court time. Hawkins, of course, played four very impressive games when McGill was injured early in the season.

            The battles were not confined to the inside. The backcourt had its fair share of pushing and shoving. Bobby Fox and Fergal Conner both of Cougars guards got into foul trouble and ended the game with four each while Wildcats guards, Mario Fannelli and Charles Danto had four fouls. The guards on both teams spent a lot of time swatting at each other and in the end making too much contact for the referees liking.

            Aside from the fouls it was a pretty good game. Both teams shot with great accuracy and when there wasn’t a foul the work on the boards was outstanding. It came down to the last minutes after the lead changed hands almost every minute. The Cougars had a one point lead with fifty seconds when the Wildcats’ Fannelli was able to make a diving one handed pass to a streaking Danto who was able to drive past Don Tasker and lay up the go ahead basket. The Cougars tried for the last second winning basket but Fox’s shot was from too far out, it hit the rim and bounced out of any rebound reach as the buzzer sounded.

            The Cougars travel to Fort Lee to face the Captains next week. The Cougars have had considerable good luck against the Captains this season. They beat the Captains at home by six points and were never behind in the game. Friday’s game begins at 4:30PM in the Fort Lee Gymnasium.



Doctors say President Eisenhower is completely recovered from the slight stroke and speech difficulty he suffered three months ago.

President Eisenhower says he rejected an all-out drive to beat Russia into the air with an experimental atomic-powered plane because it might have delayed development of a nuclear plane which would be fit for combat.

The Army loses its Explorer II satellite, minutes after firing it spaceward with the Jupiter-C rocket.

Comedian Bob Hope obtains from the Soviet Embassy a visa to visit Russia. He said as he left the embassy, they apparently “saw my show Sunday night. They treated me like I was Red Skelton or Pinky Lee” said the comedian.

KTLA Los Angeles announced in late January that it would begin flashing subliminal messages of a public service nature within 90 days, but it looks like that won’t happen - at all. The station had arranged for the needed projectors with the Precon Process and Equipment Company of New Orleans, builders of subliminal devices. But the FCC seems to be ambiguous on the subject, and KTLA doesn’t want to take the chance. However, a motion-picture producer intends to use the technique within the body of several feature films.

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