25 Days

Claire Adams

Chloe Burke has just finished getting her degree for design at UCLA. She is wanting to open her own clothing line for college-aged students in warm climates. Her only problem is money. Her father has agreed to pay the seed money to get her line started if she goes to Aspen for the winter with him and her brother. Begrudgingly, Chloe agrees but plans to return to California as soon as possible. Finn Warner works for his father’s snow shoveling company. He’s had a dream of opening his own ski lodge since he was a boy, but knows he’d never be able to get the money.

A few chance encounters leave the two questioning everything they know and want. Finn decides to pause his womanizing lifestyle for December, and Chloe decides to knock her dad’s socks off by designing the best ski attire she can. When they both realize they want more than friendship, are they willing to sacrifice their individual dreams or will they part ways and miss out on what could be the greatest love of their lives?

This is a standalone new adult romance with a HEA. Mature audiences only.

Oh my goodness. What is with Adams and creating completely horrible leading ladies? I’ve only read one other book of hers, Vacation, but in both, the female lead is just a b*tch. There’s no other way around it. Chloe immediately judges Finn based off how he looks and holds himself as a man whore (even though it was true at the time, the way she went about it was horrendous). Then she basically proceeds to tear him down every chance she gets for choosing his lifestyle. I mean, yeah, Finn brought the judgment upon himself, but Chloe has nothing nice to say to him, even though he’s basically been a complete gentleman the entire time. How she acts in the beginning is just beyond frustrating. If I were Finn, I’d have told her to shove her opinion and walked away.

I am glad that she did grow, become less judgmental, and opened herself to her love, though. I like that we got to see how drastically her relationship with her father improved, too. Maybe Adams creates these leading ladies as a completely dynamic character who grows tremendously, but I just can’t click with them.

Overall, I did enjoy the book, and may read it again in the future. I would recommend reading it at least once because, in the end, it is a really cute love story.

3/5 stars


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Published by Risa Lynn