So I have this wall in my bedroom. The wall itself is unspectacular and as common as they come. But I have filled it with words written on sticky notes with what I want to remember, with things I want to be reflected by my life. They are lessons for living a fulfilling life. Here are the snippets from my wall, some exhortations life has given me...


1. Give Attention

Life goes at a fast rate, be aware of the people around you and the events that are transpiring or you will miss the greatest moments and best experiences.


2. Think of the World as Poetry and Adventure

Life can be difficult, even downright despairing at times. One thing that will keep you going is your imagination and creativity.


3. Simplify

Don't have so much going on that you get stuck in a perpetual state of stress.


4. Stay Informed and Motivated

If you want to accomplish great things, work to continuously keep information and motivation at a high level in your life. Sustain them.


5. Be Okay With Being Wrong

The ultimate lesson, humility. Be comfortable with not knowing the answers or being proven incorrect. Because it's gonna happen often. But never stop at that. Seek out the correct and right information.


6. Reacquaint Yourself

Never forget who you are. And when you do, go back to something that will remind you of your truest nature.


7. Knowledge. Strategy. Execution.

I heard this from a millionaire. For any task, or any goal, perform these three steps (in this order) for a higher chance of success.


8. Leaders Initiate, Followers Respond

If you wait for other people to change things, you are acquiescing to their purposes and must be content to live in a world built by them. But if you are a true change agent, you are the first to instigate innovations.


9. The World is What You Make of it

There is a great difference in the overall physical and mental health between pessimists and optimists. Be an optimist in every situation.


10. Everything Has a Cost

There is an effect to every cause, and every decision you make causes an effect and has a cost. Sometimes this is worth it and sometimes it isn't. Before you act, make sure it will result in a positive effect.


 11. Animate Your Moments

We were not born to work hard, pay bills, and die. Live adventurously. Take what is boring and make it interesting. No matter how this is done, it is worth it.


12. How Are You Smart?

Think for yourself and don't be a dunce. Train your mind to ascertain outside the box.


13. When You Fail, You Ponder

Don't waste your failures and mistakes by brushing them aside without abstracting a lesson for the future.


14. Think Through It

Actions have consequences. Make the right ones through thinking before you act.


15. Maintain Curiosity and Drive

Genius comes from these two attributes. These, and nothing else.


16. In All You Do, Serve

What you do for others brings the greatest advancements in your own life. While selfishness breeds discontentment.


17. Always Be Ready to Be Amazed

Maintain a childlike incredulity about the world and the life stories of other humans. Life is only boring when you decide to be disinterested with it.


18. Life is Too Short to…

Gosh, I could talk about this one all day. Don't waste your time on pettiness. Focus on what is important to you.


19. Be Interested

The people around you are fascinating if you take the time to get to know who they are and what they've experienced. Be interested in their lives.


20. If it is Not Your Path...

Everyone has a different and unique life path. Don't travel on the path of others because they are successful at it. Walk on your own path and be successful with your own route.


21. Life is Like War

Life is hard. And I don't know why. But if we treat it as a battle, we can know there is a hope of winning.


22. Make decisions quickly

Don't over-think the obvious or make excuses for double-mindedness.


23. Find Meaning in Every Moment

There is a reason that can be pulled out of every moment if we take the trouble to find it. Knowing the reason helps improve forward thinking.


24. Live Wholly

Take life by the horns and live it to its utmost. Take control of your world and move it to its most fulfilling state.


25. Starve Distractions, Feed Your Focus

Is it improving your life and causing growth? If the answer is no, then remove it from your world.



Now then, what has life taught you?

Published by Benjamin Bellah