When things get rough

When you can no longer be tough

When everything feels like chaos

When you are being reminded of what you’ve lost

When misery becomes inevitable

When down in the dark pit, you fall

When insecurities win over you

When expectations are long overdue

When pain becomes unbearable

When hope feels  unsearchable

When the world reminds you of failure

When burdens became harder to endure

Take a moment to gaze upward

To remind yourself to push forward

And  think of something greater

That things will always get better

To believe in Someone bigger than the universe

That life is a blessing too, and not a curse

To believe that beyond this life, there is more

That there is something worth fighting for

And that there is Someone greater than anything

Who actually cares for you, He’s always watching

So when things are turning sour

Take a second, a minute, an hour

To see that the battle is not yours

That He already won all your wars. 


Published by Liezel Dollente