Thursday, February 7, 1957   Vol. C606



East Farewell – The Flower Show is back. After last year’s soap opera that cancelled the show and put its future in jeopardy the new Flower Show Committee regrouped and got down to business. The new Committee was created after the old one, headed by Monica Shippensport was dissolved after Miss Shippensport was arrested for absconding with the show’s finances. Miss Shippensport became entranced by a scoundrel, a Romando (only one name, that should have raised warnings), who was able to woe her and talk her into giving him the funds on the premise that he would be able to bring connections from the famous and extremely prestigious Philadelphia Flower Show to East Farewell and in turn bring bigger and better exhibits and notoriety. Romando disappeared with the money and left Miss Shippensport holding the bag and suffering from a broken heart. Romando remains at large and Miss Shippensport is currently working hard to repay the funds and rebuild her reputation. She was given parole and ordered to do 1000 hours of public service along with promising to pay “every last cent” of the funds that was stolen.

            The new committee was formed shortly after the old one was dissolved and many of the members were the same. They met early in the summer last year and got to work planning this year’s event. They were able to bring exhibitors back and even extend invitations to new horticulturists across the state. They were also able to complete a new round of fund-raising which entailed a lot of explaining and assurances. The new show has been scheduled for the week of March 10rd. It will open on Friday, March 8th and run through Sunday, March 17th. The theme this year is appropriately “‘Rebirth and Renew” and there have been several news releases from the committee with tantalizing peaks behind the scenes. This year promises to be the biggest and best show ever. The entire area is looking forward to the event.



Corning – The Cougars were able to extend their winning streak to five games by using their new found fast paced game to best the Corning Devils, 54-46 on Friday. The Cougars did not follow the game plan from their previous week that was so successful against another running team, the Central Bears. They chose instead to bring a mix of their fast running game and strong press and mix in their older, more practiced game of steady that they have used with great success early in the season. By mixing up the tempo the Cougars were able to keep the Devils off balance and playing catch up most of the game.

            The Game started off with the Cougars running up a 10-2 lead and effectively shutting down the Devils offense with a tight press. But after a time out with only six minutes gone the Devils were able to adjust and bring the game back into balance. The first half ended with the Cougars on top 28-24. In the second half the Cougars slowed the pace a bit and center Wilson Watson took over. He was able to command the center and Devil’s center Danny Tobin fought hard but was just not up to the task. Watson’s experience (Watson is a senior, Tobin a sophomore) and his height advantage (6’7” verses 6’6”) was just too much for Tobin especially late in the game. Watson led all scorers with 18 points. The Cougars will come home next week when they face their arch rivals, the Riverview Wildcats, for the second time this season. This game may decide the season for both teams. The winner will most likely win the league championship. The game is already sold out, while the student body usually attends the games this games significance seems to have spilled out into the general community and has generated a great deal of excitement. The game begins at 7:00PM on Friday night in the gymnasium.



President Eisenhower agrees with King Saud to supply military aid and consider economic aid to Saudi Arabia in return for a five-year extension of the U.S. air base at Dhahran.


Prime Minister Ben-Gurion tells President Eisenhower that Israel now insists on freedom of Suez Canal passage as part of the Sinai and Gaza Strip evacuation price.


President Eisenhower will hold separate conferences with British Prime Minister Macmillan and French Premier Mollet in a bid to warm up chilly relations between this country and the two traditional allies.


Frank Sinatra agrees to settle for something like $75,000 the losses an Australian promoter sustained when the singer abruptly canceled his three-week tour last week by returning home from Honolulu. Instead of going on to Sydney, Sinatra turned back at Honolulu and flew to Los Angeles after a disagreement over airline seating.  Promoter Lee Gordon claimed he was left holding the bag for $200,000 in advance ticket sales He flew back to Los Angeles hoping he could get Sinatra to reconsider. When Sinatra said this was impossible because rescheduling would interfere with his appearance in the “Pal Joey” movie, Gordon got together with Sinatra’s manager Hank Sanicola.


At Bartlesville, OK - a movie theater chain picks this town for an experiment in whether families are willing to pay $9.50- a-month to have first run Hollywood pictures piped into their TV sets. Video Independent Theaters, which operates more than 150 movie houses and drive- ins throughout the Southwest, will invest some $300,000 to test the idea. A survey in the area said 15 out of 24 would take the service if offered. Bartlesville subscribers will receive approximately 13 first-run movies each month. They will be carried by cable from a downtown studio. The shows will run continuously from noon to midnight, with newsreels and short subjects like any movie program. “We will run trailers on coming attractions, but no commercials” said a spokesperson. People with color sets will receive color films in color. The company says it will lose money in the beginning, but believes 3,000-4,000 Bartlesville homes will have theater service eventually.  The service will begin in about six months.


Published by JD Carroll