Freelancing is the way to go nowadays. It offers the convenience of working at home and the opportunity for a better work/life balance. It is especially convenient for women seeking a supplementary income or tied down by domestic obligations. In fact, most young women are spending their days working online on site such as Weekly Essay.

There is no shortage of freelancing jobs ideal for women. Here is an insight into three jobs that will particularly interest you.

1. Content Writing

The world is growing increasingly digitalized, and nowadays it seems that you can find just about anything on the internet. There is a growing demand for people who can create online content mostly in the form of written articles.

Content writing is perfectly suited for women for one outstanding reason: women are calm and composed by nature, and this is just what content writing demands. However, content writing also demands that you have a good grasp of the written language in terms of grammar. You should also be creative and write attractive, engaging content that speaks to the reader.

There are numerous sites that advertise content writing jobs. They range from content mills, freelancing sites such as Upwork, content writing forums, and even one site dedicated to women – a simple search on Google should bring up thousands of leads. If you are in school or have an academic background, you could also be interested in writing essays and academic papers for students – they pay handsomely and are ‘educative.

2. Freelance Makeup Artist

How good are you with makeup? If your skills are above average, you will find lots of work freelancing online. You will not be working online per se, but you will be getting most of your leads from the internet.

There is a growing demand for makeup artists. Most of the demand comes from events such as weddings and parties. As a freelance makeup artist, you will be scouring the web keeping track of upcoming events. There are numerous sites where you can keep track of upcoming events. Your Facebook page, for instance, is perfect for tracking upcoming events near you. Community social media apps are also excellent for this. Larger sites such as Craigslist also offer a lot of leads. Finally, a simple search on Google for ‘upcoming events near me’ will surely generate a lot of leads.

You will need to work closely with event planners and hosts. You will need to market yourself as a professional makeup artist and showcase some of your best work online via photos and videos. To this end, you may need to take some classes on beauty and makeup – don’t worry, these classes will not take up much of your time or money and, besides, they are fun.

3. Homemade Food Delivery

Not to be a stereotype, but women in general, are the best cooks. Indeed, some women cannot cook, but if you can, then you should make something off of your skills.

Eating at the restaurant is fun, but doing it every day is not feasible. This is why more and more people are craving homemade food. The food delivery business is thriving. There is demand at workplaces whereby employees choose to order food rather than eat at the cafeteria or restaurant. There is also demand in homes whereby people who come home too tired to cook find it convenient to order a homemade meal. That’s not all; this industry is showing great promise as event planners for small parties are also turning to homemade cooking instead of ordering restaurant foods.

There are lots of leads for people looking for homemade meals online – all you need to do is market your services. If you wish to go big you should also consider getting a permit or a license as this way you don’t have to worry about health code violations and your clients will place more trust in you. You should also consider taking some cooking lessons and trying out new recipes every once in a while.

You don’t have to work a 5-7 job just to get by. Join other women on the leading site for women freelancers and get leads to a job of your liking. And, if you are a young woman still in school then consider writing college papers for your fellow students on some of the leading academic help sites.


Published by Jennifer Lynch