A logo is the most dynamic part of any company or brand. It is the symbolization of one’s organization. The logo is something which makes the company look important and worthy. For creating a good logo, it is necessary to design it in a way that it seems simple, relevant, versatile, and memorable. Scalability of the logo is one of the vital parts while creating one.

To create such a perfect logo, one should be aware of all the designing tools there is to pick the best one to get their work done.

Adobe Illustrator

The best of all the logo making tools there are, Adobe Illustrator resides on the top of the list. It is easy to comprehend and practice by graphic designers of any level, whether a beginner or a professional, anyone can get their hands on Illustrator easily.

It offers a vast variety of features and functions to create the best logo for any organization. It is user-friendly software and is compatible with both Mac OS and Windows.

The only drawback is that the pricing of Adobe Illustrator is little high as compared to other logo making tools.


If you are seeking a cheap solution to create startling logo designs, then you can always look out for the alternative solutions. LogoYes is one of the low-cost logo making tools that you can get and start working on. It is a user-friendly tool, and it is also customizable.

LogoYes is an extremely straight-forward tool to use. It also offers a drag and drop option for the canvas that will help you to add text and small graphical tweaks.

The most severe drawback of this tool is that it only allows you to use one graphic icon per logo and as well as there are no special effects available.


Sothink is the best affordable software that provides the designers with more than three hundred free templates. It offers the choice for logo makers to decide whether to make a change in the existing logo template or to design one from scratch. This logo making tool also offers the advanced set of coloring to select between the different shades and to choose the dominance of the shades from the described palettes. It also has several vector drawing features and numerous other special effects.

Sothink is a highly customizable logo making tool that provides a user-friendly environment to its users. It is a little cheaper than Adobe Illustrator but expensive than LogoYes.

Published by Julia Morison