If you are like me then saving money is a necessity, in order to strive we need to have some self-discipline when making purchases on or offline. Have you ever had the feeling of wanting something so bad, but shortly after you find something better or cheaper? That's what we like to call frugal satisfaction. It's the way we express ourselves through our shopping, so tell me... are you like a bull at the gates when Black Friday comes or calm and collective?

Like most of us, our wish lists grow throughout the year so when savings come it's best to jump on the bandwagon and get to the savings as quickly as possible, especially if you have held off shopping for any period of time. And I'm not talking about your grocery shopping here, big-ticket items, TVs, gadgets & gizmos the stuff we really don't need but will make our lives so much better (nudge nudge).

Fortunately, over the past decade and the growing demand for online e-commerce, there have been numerous advances in technology and the companies delivering this into our everyday lives including saving money, and shopping. Whether you are buying your essential groceries, electronics, your new PC, workstations, office equipment or anything else for that matter then there is never a shortage of companies who are willing to give you a good deal.

So taking this competitive arena into your advantage plays well, meaning you can shop with reputable companies and brand names knowing too well you are going to get a good deal on the things you need most. All it takes is a bit of time, letting your decisions calm and making a rational purchase.

There are numerous of websites and apps which have recently entered the space which aims to give you savings on everything you can think of, so we'll outline a few so you can get to feel what you're missing out on;

•    RetailMeNot.com has grown considerably offering in-store or online coupons, food coupons and more. With thousands of stores listed.

•    Coupons24hrs.com a relatively new site, but I managed to find some great deals and tips when shopping at some stores. The site has 1000s of stores listed, with top brand items. New deals added daily.

•    PromoPro offers a great selection of deals for everything you can think of. Definitely, a place to start searching for deals

With that being said, deals don't come to you. So you will have to be proactive in your search and use coupon websites or apps to find the best deals, see the store website for regular promotions or offers available, and where the possible sign up to the company newsletter to be alerted on recent deals. It's not hard to save hundreds of bucks each year with just these simple websites. I wish you a pleasant and vibrant 2018, stay cool, stay frugal!

Published by Kaushal Shah