While there’s a lot of controversy surrounding superfoods, reputed sources like News Medical Lifesciences and MedicalNewsToday provide some important proof of these products’ benefits. As long as you don’t forget that superfoods aren’t some miracle cures for deadly diseases but just very good nutrition boosters, you can enjoy those benefits and become a healthier person if you use them right. As these are ‘super’ foods, some of them even have valuable additional properties that make them a great addition to your diet.

3 Best Superfoods for Health: Prevent Diseases with Wise Dietary Choices

1.      Broccoli

Both mature broccoli and broccoli sprouts are superfoods so important, they should be a fixture of everyone’s diet. That’s not only because this plant is full of antioxidants and phytonutrients. But also because broccoli helps prevent cancer. This is proven by a study you can find in the official publication of the American Association for Cancer Research.

There are many other studies that prove similar anti-cancer benefits of broccoli sprouts. As these are best when fresh, you should grow them yourself. As to broccoli florets, steam them under 20 minutes or microwave under 5 to ensure the majority of beneficial nutrients remain in the food.

2.      Maca Powder

Examine.com states that the benefits of maca powder are very real. This product is rich in antioxidants and some essential nutrients, like all superfoods are. However, the reason why it’s on the list of the best superfoods for health is that maca is a natural libido and fertility booster. That’s believed to be one of the reasons why the people of Peru, where the plant originates from, are so fertile. To them, maca root is a staple food. The powder is often used as a flour substitute.

Maca powder also boosts blood flow, which leads to natural male enhancement. It doesn’t affect testosterone levels, so this ‘enhancer’ is perfectly safe. In fact, there’s some evidence that indicates the benefits of maca for prostate hypertrophy treatment.

Note that if you are a beginner to maca, you shouldn’t take more than 1-2 teaspoons a day. As the product is rather potent, you should feel its positive effects fast. Increase your dose gradually but remember that one should always take breaks when consuming maca. For example, eat it for three weeks out of a month or Monday-Saturday and make Sunday a maca-free day.

3.      Flaxseeds

Flaxseed, flaxseed meal, and flaxseed oil all deserve their place on the list of the best superfoods for health. The main reason for this is their positive effects on cardiovascular health. This effect is so strong, a study from the Canadian Journal of Cardiology indicates that this superfood lowers cholesterol more effectively than the majority of cardiovascular drugs.

As heart disease remains the most common cause of death today, the potential of this food is tremendous. Flaxseed is also the best plant-based source of essential omega 3 fatty acids. This is the main reason behind the food’s heart benefits.

Because of this, it should be a staple in every vegan and vegetarian’s diets. However, as the majority of the world’s population has an imbalance of omega 3 to omega 6 fats, nearly everyone will benefit from a regular serving of flaxseed.

The best way to enjoy this superfood is by adding flaxseed meal to your smoothies as baking reduces the amount of nutrients in it. You can sprinkle whole seeds onto the oatmeal or salad, but your body can’t benefit from them much because their shells are too hard to digest properly.

Published by Emily Rose