Nowadays using too many devices is the common thing because of data leakage and damaged data but all the devices have some password options for the security reasons. In this situation, you have to remember all your passwords. But it happens that we cannot remember the password that is provided for windows 10/8/ 7.

Once you don’t remember password then you cannot access your important files, data and documents even you cannot access your computer In this condition you need the different password recovery tools and different methods to recover your windows password. All these software will help you to recover your password and also you can reset your password with the help of these recovery tools and methods  It doesn’t matter that this problem is with your home computer or your office computer you definitely need all these methods and tool In this article I will tell you about different recovery methods and tools

Method 1: Accessing Computer With Administrator

On windows 10/8/7 there is another hidden account named as administrator. Mostly administrator account has no password so in this condition you have a chance get access to your computer again and use your important files and data for using this method you have to first boot your computer and then immediately press the F8 key from your keyboard and then your computer shows you boot menu now select the safe mode and click on administrator account after starting your computer you can recover or change the password.

Method 2: Recovered Windows Password WithiSeePasword

When you forgot your windows password,With latest technology  the best solution this problem is the third party tool named as iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro. The user interface of this tool is very simple and easy it recovers password in just a few minutes and supports all Windows versions. First, it creates the bootable disk and then recovers your password, to use this tool you must have a USB drive, another computer, and this software. All remaining steps are given below:

Steps for Windows password reset :

Click for Downloading and install it on another computer, then launch this program.

After this create a bootable disk that reset your windows password. This software provides you two options that you can use both USB drive and CD/DVD but I recommend you to use a USB drive. Now insert your USB drive to Your computer. It will automatically detect your USB then you have to select your USB and then click on the Begin Burning button.

When the burning process is complete plug out the USB drive and insert it into your locked computer and you have to boot your locked computer with the help of USB drive for this you can use Delete and F1 keys to go to Bios Menu and save all settings and then click on the exit.

After all process now finally click on the Reboot button and then plug out your USB from your computer and restart your computer now all done your computer will restart without any password.

Method 3: Recovered Windows Password With PassFolk SaverWin

PassFolk Saverwin is the free tool developed by the PassFolk. With the help of this tool, you can recover your windows password and you don’t need to again install your operating system. This tool creates a bootable disk which helps you to recover your windows password. This tool supports all versions of Windows and this tool is the best tool of 2018.


I hope the methods I have shared will work for you, you can even recover Windows password without reinstalling OS again, and with the help of iSeePassword and PassFolk, you can recover password easily within minutes.

Good luck.

Published by Lucy Jones