Kitchen and bathrooms are the greatest starting point to start with when it comes to remodeling your home. Achieving a full-scale home overhaul might come with a hefty price tag. In such case, you can make a fair share of bathroom and kitchen renovation leaving renovation work of other parts of your home for next slot. Since the bathroom and kitchen are similar units in terms of construction and functionality, people go along the lines of their renovation at the same point of time. As the kitchen and bathrooms are cast in the same mold, you can find bathroom and kitchen renovation companies in Vancouver offering standalone services for kitchen and bathroom makeover.

If you are planning kitchen and bathroom remodeling, we suggest you have some words of wisdom before you actually start executing your plan. You will never want to turn your dream of having a beautiful washroom into a dreadful renovation nightmare. Kitchen and bathroom renovation is not that small project as you think as there are so many variables to consider when breathing life into a buttoned-down bathroom and kitchen setting through a makeover.


We have discovered some common mistakes to avoid when redesigning or remodeling to have a kitchen and bathroom of your dream:


1. Getting in Sweat only about Big Stuff

What is the biggest blunder about kitchen and bathroom makeover is that people pass on seemingly the small details of their most frequently used space of their home when renovating. Ask an expert executing kitchen renovation in Vancouver for years, he will always suggest you focus more on the small stuff to upgrade or replace, e.g., bathroom vanity top, kitchen cabinets, and small kitchen and bathroom appliances. Focusing on the enhancement of storage solutions in your kitchen and bathroom not only increase the functionality but overall appearance.



2. Going Alone without Assistance of a renovation Expert

Hiring a carpenter to elevate storage solution in your kitchen and bathroom, plumber to fix tapware attached with kitchen sink and bathroom, and laborer separately can extend your budget out of sight. However, a renovation contractor in Vancouver can arrange them all at a cost-effective price. Since a renovation expert has an eye for details, he can assist you on consummating the renovation job with the assurance of quality. Most people find it pricey and prohibitive to hire a contractor while the truth is a bit different.  


3. Overlooking the Budget and Workflow

When planning full-scale kitchen and bathroom makeover, there are two considerations not to overlook- budget and workflow. You must make a balance between your kitchen and bathroom renovation budget and workflow to get the job done within the set deadlines and budget. Spending most of your money on just one element, be it electrical appliances or kitchen tiles, can put your project on an uneven keel. Decide features beforehand that you want your kitchen and bathroom to be integrated with and divide the expenses accordingly. It will help you hold the balance of your project.


The aforementioned blunders must be avoided to ensure the accomplishment of your kitchen and bathroom renovation within budget and set timeline. 

Published by Shiva Kushwaha