When decorating your bedroom you have the opportunity to choose from various styles, including modern, rustic, industrial, Scandinavian, bohemian, nautical etc. All of these styles have some specific features that make them different from the others, and as such can suit different tastes. Below, you will find shortly explained just 3 of these styles, that may actually inspire you to decorate your bedroom in one of them.

Rustic style

This style is mainly inspired by Swedish, French and English country look and it is the right one for creating a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. There is an abundance of textures, natural materials, and colors in this style.

  • Natural earthy tones are the best choice for rustic bedrooms.

  • Wood is the main material - from flooring to wall panels, furniture, and even some wooden accessories.

  • Stone is also a must use the material for the rustic style. Choose a stone fireplace or maybe create a stone accent wall.

Industrial style

An opposite of the rustic style is the industrial style. This style is more preferable if you want to give your bedroom an urban look. Here are some of the industrial style features:

  • Exposed brick, concrete, stainless steel and weathered wood are the top materials.

  • Unfinished surfaces and rough textures are always in.

  • Bold and dark colors are the best choice for industrial bedrooms, but you can, of course, combine them with some light shades to create a contrast.

Bohemian style

And the third style on this list is the bohemian style, which is also known as an anti-style. If you want to express your free and peaceful soul then this style is the right one for you. Bohemian bedrooms are all about creativity, colors, contrast, and art.

  • When it comes to colors, the more colors used the better. So if you use cheerful bright shades for rugs, pillows and bed sheets, then complement them with other bright decors, like paintings, lampshade etc.

  • Organic elements such as ornamented fabrics and accessories are mainly used for boho bedrooms.

  • DIY ornaments are always welcomed which is one way to express your creativity.

The above three styles are quite different and they are among the top choices when decorating a bedroom. And no matter which style you choose make sure it creates a cozy and warm atmosphere. Your bedroom should be your most comfortable spot where you can get the desired rest and sleep.

Published by Joel Borthwick