Dream jobs still do exist, and based on a recent Fortune Magazine interview with a few people at notable companies, they can be financially lucrative too. 

3 people and their jobs stood out to me from the Fortune Magazine article, "You Do What?".

The first person, Billy Ray Chubbs, a 46 year old Motion Capture Performer for Industrial Light & Magic/Lucasfilm (Disney), has performed stunts using a motion capture suit that have appeared in movies such as Transformers and The Avengers. How cool is that?!

Billy landed this job in 2003 working as a security guard at Industrial Light & Magic, and later became a receptionist for Lucasfilm. When people from the motion capture department at ILM asked Billy to do a demo in the suit, he agreed and it has now become apart of his career. 

The second person, Emile Burbidge, a 12 year old kid from Quebec, works as Chief Play Officer for Toys "R" Us. Emile got this job by finding it inside of a chocolate bar wrapper. Who knew Toys "R" Us was handing out job applications in candy wrappers. 

Toys "R" Us sends Emile 25-30 toys four times a year for him to review. He gets to play with toys for a living- how awesome is that?! 

The last person that got my attention was James Dunham, a 59 year old Master Clay Modeler for Ford in Dearborn, Michigan. 

James started as a clay modeler for Ford back in 1998 and worked his way up to master clay modeler. Ford executives use his car models for evaluation. James has modeled cars such as the Ford Fusion, which took him almost a year to create. 

Have a dream job you've envisioned but don't think it exists? Based on these few employees and their stories, you never know what job could be out there waiting for you. 


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Published by Crystal Ngumezi