If you are someone who is able to grow a proper and fuller beard then consider yourself the luckiest. Yes, you read it right, you are lucky if you are a part of the beardsmen fraternity and you need to be thankful for the gift you have.

Being able to grow a proper beard doesn’t only make you look more masculine or handsome in fact there are so many other health benefits that you can enjoy due to your gift. Even research shows that men with a beard have a variety of health benefits which is why if you are thinking to shave your facial hair then you need to stop right now.


Your beard not only makes you look stronger and more masculine, in fact, it also influences the other people and the way they look at you. Especially women nowadays prefer bearded men over the clean shaved ones. It’s not that we are against those men who prefer the “no beard style”, it’s just that one looks more elegant and decent with a well-maintained beard.


Now, are you curious about the other health benefits that we were talking about earlier? Well, the wait is over and here’s what you get with your beard;


1- Beards help prevent skin cancer

The UV rays from the Sun are always a threat to the human skin which is why doctors suggest people put on sun lotion before going out in the daytime. People wear hats, sunglasses, and sunblocks to protect themselves from the dangerous UV rays and that’s where a beard comes in handy to men. Your beard can actually serve you as a shield between your skin and the Sun rays which means that you will be at a lesser risk of skin cancer. Not only skin cancer your beard can save you from a saggy and wrinkled skin especially if you have to stay out a lot under the Sun.


2- It keeps your face moisturized

Your face can get dry from time to time, and the best way to keep it all moisturized is to keep your beard. Yes, you read it right, you see the sebaceous glands on your face produce oils that keep your face moist but then again the Sun and the wind together can dry up those oils and make your skin very itchy and dry with patches which is something no one would ever want. Now, again this is where your beard can come in handy to you, your beard will protect those oils from getting dry and hence you won’t have a dry or itchy skin.


3- They prevent allergies

This benefit is always open to debate, but well, we have a proper justification of how your beard can prevent allergies. You see, your beard basically is a shield and a filter for all the dust, pollen, and other allergens. The allergens get stuck in your beard hair keeping your eyes, throat, and nose safe. Now beards do act as a filter for the allergens, but if you want to stay healthy and safe then you need to wash your beard every now and then to make sure the pollens etc are washed away. You can always use a beard wash from Apothecary 87 to make sure that your beard is all clean and clear from the allergens.



These are a few health benefits of growing a beard. Besides these benefits there’s a lot more your beard can do for you, especially the fact that your beard can make you look more attractive is enough justification for why you shouldn’t shave it off.  

Published by Mohammad Shoaib