It seems that as members of ‘the millennial generation’ we are constantly bombarded by gloomy headlines. In last few weeks, I have read everything from how much less likely we are to get on the property ladder than our predecessors, to how much more likely we are to be struck dead by excessive bacon consumption. It can over all be depressing, as a generation we are having to be tighten our belts (literally if we give up bacon). From keeping on top of unnecessary bills, to knowing the exact cost of boiling a full kettle ($0.03 a shot for those of you in the dark - roughly equivalent to 8 hours use of a slow cooker) financial responsibility is getting harder and harder to dodge. Yet all is not doom and gloom, part of the benefit of being in this millennial generation is having access to an explosion of technology which can make living on a budget a hell of a lot easier but also more fun. Here are our top three:

1. Fat Lama

Fat Lama is the world’s fastest growing online peer-to-peer rental platform (a kind of Airbnb for stuff) that can tackle your budgeting issues by allowing you to rent items you would usually have to buy. The company was set up in 2016 after the founders tried to re-decorate an office on a shoestring and found that they had to buy a number of tools they only really needed for a day - effectively destroying their budget. Renting not buying seemed the order of the day and thus the idea for Fat Lama began.  

However, as the company grew, so too did the apparent money saving potential of the platform. Not only could people save money renting stuff they needed, but the platform now allowed its users to try new experiences by renting equipment they could never afford to buy. Whether that’s tech enthusiasts trying the latest drone, or travelers on a budget renting a VW Campervan, Fat Lama can ultimately make both fun and necessary experiences a lot more affordable but making renting over buying widely available.

2. Shopkick

In spite of budget supermarkets becoming ever more common place, the burden of grocery shopping, for families especially, can still be a hard one to shoulder. The creators of Shopkick recognised this and accordingly have created an ingenious app to save shoppers money and give businesses bonuses in the process.

Launched in 2009, Shopkick is a points based system that rewards shoppers with gift cards once they have accumulated enough ‘kicks’ (points). Unlike, many other points based systems (e.g. supermarket points cards) the Shopkick app actually offers real and substantial rewards. It’s easy to use all you need to do to begin is walk into a registered shop and you have already earnt your first kicks, after that it is just a question of scanning the barcodes of items on the app to win kicks. By introducing a kind of ‘discount scavenger hunt’ this app definitely has a kind of Mary Poppins like ethos of injecting a little fun into every job that must be done.

3. ScoutMob

Just because you are living on a budget doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to treat yourself every now and again (beyond boiling a full kettle that is). ScoutMob is the app that takes the guilt away from indulging in activities that allow you to unwind. It offers a comprehensive list of discounted experiences (of up to 50% off) in your local area, from dining out or taking a painting class, you can completely relax without the shadow of large bill stretching over your experience.  

It’s easy to use, divided into three categories: mobile deals, handpicked, and articles and events. This app is designed to fight that feeling of being lost in a big city by highlighting the events that are happening around you (from a night at the museum to a wine tasting) at a discounted rate. Meaning that fun weekends do not necessarily have to break the bank.

Published by Elena Tahora