Hello, Green Beauties! I hope you are enjoying summer.

Summer is definitely my favourite season of all, though it can be quite challenging for skin and hair care! For what concerns skin care, hydration and sun blocks are the very basic rules to stick to avoid crocodile skin, for hair things can be a little more tricky because most of the time it's necessary to keep up a different type of hair regime.

In this post, I want to share with you 3 basic hacks that are part of my regular summer hair-care routine and have made a huge difference helping maintain my mane correctly hydrated and protected during summer months.

3 Hacks

1-Pamper your hair with the most intensive hydrating conditioners/masks/treatments you have in your beauty shelf.  Give your hair an extra nourishment is the key to avoid straw like locks, so use the most potent products in your possession. Hair masks/conditioners/leave-in treatments should be a regular step. Don't forget to add pre-poo masks (you can find a good recipe here) or oiling treatment to your regime, thirsty hair will thank for this extra step.


2-Wash your hair with gentle detergents (forget sulphates) so your hair won't be stripped. I highly recommend alternating a gentle shampoo with co-wash. Co-washing is a real good send in summer send especially after a day on the beach or at the swimming pool, this method allows a gentle cleanse and gives an extra dose of nutrition!


3-Forget styling tools, high temperatures can really damage your hair especially when they are stressed by other factors like chlorine, sun and sea salt. Let your hair air dry and embrace a natural hair style. P.s. instead of a store-bought "beach waves" products try  some DIY, the recipe for a sea salt spray (john master organic dupe) here and for an hydrating multi-purpose mist here.

What are your summer hair hacks?!


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