Whenever you travel somewhere new, it pays to be prepared, as you won't want your vacation to be ruined halfway through because of something that you would never have anticipated. Vietnam is a common destination for people who want to explore new cuisines, cultures, and environments. It's also the subject of today's guide.

We’re going to discuss three of the most crucial tips so that you can ensure that your da nang to hoi an vacation goes as smoothly as you plan it. While there are plenty of other tips for would-be travelers, we believe that these three are the ones that everyone should know before embarking on their journey.

Get Your Visa

Unlike some of the other countries that you may have visited, you'll have to get a visa so that you can enter Vietnam. Thankfully, the process is relatively simple if you use a visa processing service, which will do most of the legwork for you in exchange for a nominal fee (much better than the hassle of doing it all alone).

When you arrive in Vietnam, you’re going to need your pre-approval letter (which is often sent through email), two photos, your passport, some cash to pay for the visa, and your entry and exit form. While this may sound complicated, it’s a relatively straightforward process that won’t take too long.

Get Ready to Negotiate Everywhere

One of the most shocking things to visitors when they first arrive in Vietnam is that the majority of items on sale don't have fixed prices. Most of the time, the vendor will tell you the cost of an object when you ask, but keep in mind that these will be highly inflated for tourists, and you're expected to haggle.

If you have no experience negotiating when buying things, you should still make an effort to bargain prices down, as you'll otherwise get overcharged. You'll also want to hide any valuables and anything that makes you look like you have a lot of money, as that will weaken your position during negotiations.

Dealing with Traffic

Another thing to keep in mind is that the traffic in Vietnam can get hectic, and it can be intimidating, even if you don’t plan on driving the whole time that you’re there. As a pedestrian, you’ll want to walk in a straight line and maintain a constant pace so that vehicles can flow around you.

While it may be intimidating if you’ve never dealt with that kind of traffic before, don’t freeze up, as the drivers know what they’re doing when dealing with people on foot. That being said, keep in mind that you aren’t at home, and you shouldn’t take any undue risks when you’re around traffic in Vietnam.


As you can see, Vietnam is a fun place to visit, but there are some things that you should keep in mind while you’re there. Now that we’ve gone over the most crucial tips, we hope that we’ve been able to help you prepare for your upcoming adventure, safe travels!


Published by Daphenee Plaisir