Having a family game room is one of the best things a family can invest in. it’s the best place to relax, entertain, and have fun with your family members and friends or guests. Create a nice room with enough space, good furniture, painted walls, good lighting (you can make use of LED lights), good music system to entertain you when playing and have more than one TV sets in the room. After setting the room well, it’s now time to decide which games you will be playing in the game room. This will guide you on what equipment you will have to install in the game room.

Here are the 3 most exciting game room games that you should have in your home.

1.    Air hockey

This is a table game with 2 players. Each player attempts to score points by using a handheld paddle to shoot a plastic disk across the surface into the opponent’s goal. The surface of the air hockey table is designed with numerous holes which air is blown. Here is one of the best air hockey tables.

Harvard G03509W Action Arena 7-Foot Air Hockey Table

This air hockey table comes with an improved electronic scorer for uninterrupted fun. It has a powerful blower which sends a steady stream of air to the table. The faster fan speeds create fast moves and more exciting game plays. It has an elegant design that will easily blend into any game room. It is made of high-quality wood which is strong and durable with L-shaped legs that have adjustable levelers. The size is 7 foot which means it’s of a decent size so if you’re limited with space look for a smaller table.


·         Faster fan speed for faster play

·         Strong and durable

·         Money back guarantee and warranty

2.    Foosball table game

This is yet another interesting game that shouldn’t be missing in your game room! It is a table soccer that is played by 2 people. The foosball table has a ball which is moved by manipulating rods which has small figures of players attached to it. Here is one of the top-rated foosball tables.

KICK Foosball Table Triumph Black, 55 In

This is a great table that has been designed for foosball enthusiasts and foosball lovers who want to enjoy the game without spending a lot of money. It has elegant chrome detailing on the edge of the body. It comes with free rod lubricant and a lifetime warranty.


·         Elegant simplicity and durability

·         Unlimited lifetime warranty

·         It Comes With Counter Balanced Men Set AND Uniformed Men Set

·         Premium bearings

·         Slide scoring mounted on each end

·         2 kick premier and 2 soccer balls

·         Sturdy 5 leg levelers with rubber bottom

3.    Ping pong

This game is also known as table tennis. It’s a great way to relax and have fun while playing with friends or family. It involves two or four players who hit a lightweight ball back and forth across a table using small rackets. The game takes place on a table which is divided by a net. But if you are new to the sport you might find it hard to get the right ping pong table. Here is our top-rated ping pong table.

JOOLA Rally TL Professional Grade Table Tennis Table with Net Set, Ball Holders and Abacus Scorer

This is a perfect table for those people who love playing ping pong and it can be a good investment for your game room. It comes with 95% pre-assembled and you are ready to play in just 15 minutes! It has a sleek frame and separable nesting halves for compact storage. The medium density fiberboard surface creates a consistent ball bounce and durability. The table legs have adjustable height levelers to ensure stability. It has an anti-tilting locking feature which ensures its safety when playing and when it’s stored.


·         It comes when it’s 95% pre-assembled

·         Stable and durable table

·         Separate halves for playback mode and compact storage

·         Corner ball holders and abacus score

Published by Joseph Nicholls