When it comes to local legal conflicts that are settled in court, the stories don’t usually flood the newspapers around the country. Especially, when the topic is a personal injury case. We’ve heard many of them, right?

However, there are so special ones. They are still some of the most talked-about cases regarding this matter and are frequently mentioned in the headlines. And what’s interesting is that the sum of the settlement isn’t in the focus. Instead, it’s all about the subject and the compelling story.

If we already piqued your interest, check out the following cases. So, let’s begin!

Case #1: Liebeck v. McDonald’s

It’s rightfully called one of the personal injury cases that marked the century. Stella Liebeck (79) got three-degree burns on her groin area as well as inner thighs. Eventually, she had to go to the hospital and even required skin grafts.

And it was all because of the extremely hot coffee McDonald’s serves. She wasn’t the only one who got burnt. Many reports were filed against the company in the last decade before that.

After going to court, she was given 2.7 million dollars. This case is the reason why nowadays companies try to label their hot products visibly.

Case #2: Grimshaw v. Ford Motor Company

The company was about to launchits newest model – the Pinto. However, they knew it was full of faults but decided to release it to the public anyway.

That decision, however, would cost many their lives. Lilly Gray, for one, died after the gas tank ruptured as a result of a car accident. Another passenger was present, too. Richard Grimshaw (13) who survived but got scars.

The families filed a case against Ford. In the end, the firm had to pay lots of money to the families of the victims and recall the infamous model.

Case #3: Anderson v. Cryovac, Inc.

You may be familiar with this case thanks to the Travolta movie or the popular book. It’s one of the examples of how a selfishly-acting company can destroy people’s lives.

Moreover, several subsidiary companies dumped poisonous chemicals and materials in the ground. That resulted in cancer clusters that took the lives of many people and even children. Of course, the case ended with provided compensation to those that rightfully deserved it and were hurt in the case.

A Few Final Words

An integral part of all of these cases is the accident attorneys. Chicago personal injury attorneys, for one, are there to guide the victims and their families through the whole legal process. As you can see, the cases, themselves, can be tricky and people can’t do it all on their own and without legal help.

Just remember that if you’re a victim in a case like this, the law says that you should be compensated.

Do you have any previous experience with a personal injury attorney? If you’d like, you can feel free to share your story with us!

Published by Derek Lotts