Each person has his moments when he feels down, demotivated, demoralised, and he thinks that his most desired dream can’t be reached. He watches it from far away and he thinks there’s no path he could take to get him to that destination.

Fortunately, others that have confronted with these specific kinds of problems decided to make a career out of motivating people.

I personally consider that life is a concatenation of good and bad moment, and it’s alright to need some cheering up now and then. I’ve made a top in which I listed the motivational speaker who always succeeds in inspiring me and making me want to continue what I’m doing.

I will tell why I chose them and the videos I like the most.


1.Les Brown

He is actually the first speaker I’ve discovered; he’s also the number one on my list because I absolutely adore every single one of his speeches. They’re inspiring and have personal experiences evoked which made him seem more “human”.

Les Brown is one of that types of person who won’t tell you what exactly to do but will convince you to take action and to be more determined than ever to chase your dreams. He encourages you to take bad days as “character building days” and has a realistic view of life. However, he insists on you being able to achieve greatness.

A video which I adore is entitled Motivational speaker: LES BROWN - It's Not Over - key of success to keep going, and you can find it HERE.


2.Oprah Winfrey

I don’t know if she can really be categorised as a speaker, but she has lots of motivational speeches on YouTube. I appreciate her work very much. Although I found out quite late about her, I was nicely surprised by all her activities.

As a speaker, she’s very realistic and paradoxically optimist. She encourages you to grow and develop different skills. She also suggests that you should your power to do good and help others. Moreover, she tries to make you aware that you cannot “control the other guy; you can only control yourself” so you don’t have to stress yourself on what another person does.

Oprah believes in doing good without expecting it to return from that persons; however, she states that you should be kind and generous - that it matters in the more ample scheme of the Universe.

A short and sweet video you’ll definitely like is Inspiring words from Oprah Winfrey, and you can find it HERE.


3.Christopher Gardner

He’s such a magnificent person! Chris is not only encouraging his listeners to chase their dream, he says that you have to “pursuit the happiness”. It implies that you should do the things that make you happy, work on yourself, keep trying and ultimately believing you can with every fibre.

What I think is great is that he doesn’t put his success on destiny, but with God’s help. In the speeches I’ve heard, he thanked God numerous times and divinity for his chance. He also states that life isn’t fair, but it shouldn’t stop you from dreaming and wanting.

In addition to this, although his stories might be quite dramatic, he succeeds in making them funny and relieving.

A video I think you’ll find interesting is Christopher Gardner: Motivational Speaker, Inspiration for the Movie "The Pursuit of Happyness, which you can find HERE.

Do you listen to motivational speakers? What do you think of these that right here? What motivational speaker inspires you?

Let me know what you think about the article. I’d love to hear your opinion.

Have inspiration,

Rebecca Radd



Published by Rebecca Radd