Last month I was in Barcelona for a few days with my boyfriend. We spent three nights and had two full days so it was busy trying to fit everything in but I think we managed to see a lot of the city in the time we had. We stayed right in the centre in a little boutique hotel which was great because we were in walking distance of shops, restaurants and everything that we wanted to see. We walked a lot – I think that’s the best way to really experience a city – so thankfully it was an easy place to navigate around and very pedestrian friendly!

My favourite thing about it was the architecture. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful cities I’ve visited, the detail in each building is incredible and I love the contrast between the narrow alleyways and wide open roads. With it's huge influence from Antoni Gaudi, the city is full of extravagant buildings, all impressive in their own way. Each one seems to fit perfectly with the next, like a mosaic of different designs; eye-catching but not overbearing.  

My second favourite thing was probably the food. We lived off tapas, paella, pastries and sangria and it was all so good. There seemed to be restaurant after restaurant and cafe after cafe, and most seemed to be thriving. The Spanish definitely know how to eat and drink well. 

As with any trip, it flew by but Barcelona has left a lasting impression and has landed a firm spot on my list of places to re-visit. 

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