Aurora borealis aka Northern lights (first picture): One of my "must see" phenomenons. I am a very visual person, in other words: colours have an immense influence on me and so it was kind of predicted that they would catch my attention one day. Thank you Mother Nature!

Due to me living in mid europe, travelling to Northsibira, Canada or Alaska isn't as advantageous as visiting the Scandinavian Isles Sweden, Norway or Iceland. The visibility of the Northern Lights depends mostly on the season of the year with september, october and march being the best months for a trip. Clouds and rainy weather in general can be a negative factor ruining the view.

Unfortunately travelling isn't just calculation but a lot of luck.

Here are 3 rules which will increase the chance to see the Northern Lights:

  1. Choose a place near the aurora borealis (northern part of sweden etc.)!
  2. Pick the right months! Of course november till february are not less suitable months for seeing the Northern Lights than my personal favorites september, october and march, but if you decide to travel during the winter time nevertheless, make sure to pack an extra fur jacket!
  3. Don't travel for just one or two days! Something between one and two weeks is perfect.

And if you don't want to freeze your a** off pick northern Germany for watching the beautiful polar light from a distance.



日本へようこそ! („Welcome to Japan“)

It's not very spectacular to visit countries only for their beautiful nature, so in my opinion the secret to an exciting travel experience is versatility. That's why another destination I want to go to is Japan, especially Tokyo! Maybe for most people it's just another city like Rome, Moscow or Prague. But not for me. It's mostly the culture and the atmosphere that I'm interested in. After graduating school I knew everything about theaters in western countries but nothing about eastern theraters. So watching Nō, a traditional japanese theatre, which ist played only by men and accompanied by music would be an awesome new experience. 

The town`s landmark is the 333 m tall Tokyo Tower, which reminds me of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and is responsible for 24 Radio- and TV- programs. It's such a pity that the Tokyo Tower does'nt get as much attention as lots of western emblems do. Why visit New York's Central Park and not the Ueno-Park in Taitō? Why watch classic boxing, MMA or Wrestling and not Sumō? Why have fries, a Big Mac and a diet Coke if you can try Sushi or Kaiseki with a cup of tea instead? 

Extend your horizon and knowledge by dipping into other cultures, like Asia`s.


lOKOwXKCliffs of Moher – Irland

Ever watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince? Then you'll remember the final escaping scene where Harry and Dumbledore rest on a rock? Yes it's exactly there: on Aillte an Mhothair!

The Cliffs are located in County Clare that is at the southwest edge of the Burren in Ireland. Imagine standing up there on the height of 214 metres above a raging storm slaming its waves against the cliff. It would be breathtaking! This time I would choose a more stormy weather rather than a calm one. Not for getting blown away by the wind or for boosting my adrenaline level but for reminding myself that humans are just little ants in comparison to the power of Mother Nature. 

To get to the Cliffs you'll have to pick the airplane, except you're living in Ireland. The closest located airport is in Shannon. From there you can either travel by bus or rent a car to get to your destination. Take a break in Ennis and prepare yourself for the last part of the ride! 

Start your Journey now!

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