Bahrain is well known for its gorgeous pearls that used to be and are still high in demand all over the world. So if you’re up to visit this pearl-bejewelled hub, here are some popular spots you must go to.

Honestly, it’s was primarily not the oil that first made Middle Eastern hub rich. It was those precious jewels from the sea. But recently, the oil took over, and Bahrain has become known less for its aquatic gems.

Bahrain, also known as the Land of Dilmun, is amongst the world’s oldest trading nations. Perhaps that’s the reason why Islanders are so proud of their rich heritage and traditions justifiably even in the 21st Century. People flock to Bahrain despite a decline in Middle Eastern tourism due to Arab Spring. And if you’re looking for an exotic enclave with tons of engaging attractions, it’s the right place for you to visit.

And no worries about conveyance as rent a car in Bahrain is one of the reliable options to commute around. Here’re a few popular places in Bahrain that you must pay a visit to. So let’s dive in;


It’s undoubtedly going to leave you astonished with its sparkly skyline that includes two sets of twin towers, the commercial harbour tower, the world trade centre and other high-rise constructions. In 2012, it was designated as the capital of Arab Culture. If you need a glimpse into traditional Bahrain, make sure to visit the Bab-Al-Bahrain market. You’ll enter the market passing by an arched gate.

There’re so many housing stalls selling everything from clothes & food to gold & pearls. A real historical tradition for sure. Don’t forget to visit the Al-Fateh Mosque. It’s made of marble having a large dome made of fibreglass that glows at night.


Geographically the heart of Bahrain, Riffa used to be the largest city in the country before Manama took over this position. Perhaps that’s the reason why this town is full of old-world characters, and you can even see the ancient sights like the magnificent Riffa Fort. Traditionally, it has fascinating crenulated bulwarks as well as antique courtrooms.

So if you’re keen to roam around the winding shopping streets and traditional Arabic bazaars and pick some pearl necklaces and Middle Eastern spices, Riffa is the place to show up at. At Riffa, the modern blends with ancient and you’ll also find one of the most famous golf courses in the Middle East here.

A’Ali village

If you see a treasure of art and craft, this village is worth paying a visit to. You’ll see potters lovingly crafting impressive pots. Being the inherent part of the island, this cottage industry has been passed down through so many generations. The clay you’ll find here is a perfect blend of two different types that are used to create pots for plants, bread ovens, moneyboxes & water pipes. The village can be easily identified by the expansive smoke puffing off by the kilns.


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