Tempted to tackle a  household plumbing problem that requires skill and experience? Call plumber East London for the most timely and efficient plumbing solutions.

Most household plumbing problems start out so small that many a homeowner will take the do-it-yourself route and try to fix them. Nothing that a little elbow grease, a plunger, and some drain cleaner can't fix right?

Can you diagnose your plumbing problem?

Unfortunately, that dirty water in your sink could very well be a sign of a major plumbing problem. One good rule of thumb to follow in such instances is that if you cannot diagnose the plumbing problem, then do not attempt to fix it.

 Why? First of all, you incur personal injury by jumping in to save the day without the proper know-how. Secondly, you could create a mess that could result in severe property damage, costing you lots of your hard earned cash in repairs.  A house owner should know when it is time to pack it in and call in a professional like plumber East London.

When should you call plumber East London?

  • When your plumbing has serious clogs

The most obvious sign of clogged plumbing is often a gurgling sound when running the laundry or after using the toilet. A toilet may gurgle even when it is not in use indicating possible sewer blockage. If such phenomenon keeps recurring put down that plunger and jug of chemicals and call in plumber East London. More delay could force your toilet's contents back up into your bathroom causing your household untold discomfort and your plumbing system a lot of damage. A clog in your bathtub, sink or bathroom's plumbing could be caused by something as simple as grease, a clump of hair or a factor as ominous as a faulty septic tank.  Your sewer line could also be blocked by non-flushable items, a buildup of sediment or tree roots. Flushing down tons of chemicals or using prodding machines, in this case, will only damage your sewer lines further. 

Professional plumbers will use their skill and experience to correctly diagnose the cause of the clog and come up with a safe, timely and affordable solution to fix it without causing any further damage.

  • When installing major plumbing fixtures

Most major plumbing fixture installations often need a licensed plumber to sign off on them. The replacement of an item like a bathtub, for example, may look like a simple enough job, but it is often a very intricate process that requires a professional like plumber East London.

If you do not have the expertise of a professional plumber when installing appliances connected to your plumbing system, you stand the risk of very expensive re installations or repairs. In case you have scheduled the renovation or remodeling of your home, always ensure that you have a plumber at hand to assist in the relocation of your fixtures, drains and supply lines.

  • When experiencing water heater problems

If your water runs cold or changes temperatures without you turning the knob, your water heater could be defective. The damage on the heater could range from simple component defects to total gadget breakdown.  Water heaters run on your household's gas or electrical systems and can cause personal injury to an amateur plumber and thousands to the house owner in damages.

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